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This archived content is from Mary Wilkins’ sewing and quilting message board “Sew What’s New,” which was retired in August 2007. It is being provided by “Sew What’s Up,” which serves as the new home for many members of “Sew What’s New.”
From: Mother in Law
Date: 05-24-2003, 01:13 AM (1 of 5)
My mother is with my Father now and she's out of pain. I thank you so much, I can't begin to tell you what a great lift I had when I read all your wishes. You ladies are great. I'm glad to say I'm part of this group. I'm okay but I have so much to do I probably won't be on for a little longer but I just wanted to thank you for everything.

Susie :love: You are truly :angel:
User: Mother in Law
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From: MaryW
Date: 05-24-2003, 07:43 PM (2 of 5)
Take your time and be good to yourself. :bluesmile
owner/editor of Sew Whats New
User: MaryW
Member since: 06-23-2005
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From: Bama
Date: 05-24-2003, 08:35 PM (3 of 5)
Good to hear from you Susie.
User: Bama
Member since: 03-21-2000
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From: bren
Date: 05-24-2003, 08:50 PM (4 of 5)
Hey Bud ,

You have been threw so much Susie , just take some well needed down time , TLC for you for awhile , let other's do for you .

We are all here for Susie , take it slow girlfriend.

Don't let anyone ...Live Rent Free In Your Head
User: bren
Member since: 11-30-2002
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From: Mother in Law
Date: 05-24-2003, 11:18 PM (5 of 5)
Thank You So Much

:love: Susie
User: Mother in Law
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