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From: weB2cats
Date: 09-06-2003, 01:50 PM (1 of 3)
There are 2 fairly good sources of pattern-making that I checked out of the library recently. They are:

1 Make Your Own Patterns-by Rene Bergh.

After taking a class in pattern design at college I found that the recommended textbooks were a great starting point in that they offered solid ideas in measuring our bodies accurately, no matter how embarassing that was.

However, I found that after marking CF and CB on paper, other measurements could then be mapped out accordingly. Taking accurate measurements involved not only those that go around the body, but those that chart your height in certain small areas of the body. This is basic geometry as the bust is located x amt of inches from the armhole and x amt of inches down from the neckline, etc). It's the fine-tuning, such as adding easing, accounting for sloped shoulders or sway in the back that are a bit trickier.

Sometimes the old fashioned way is better. It may take longer. And there may be a few mistakes along the way but, the ultimate fit is what is important. And, there's nothing quite like the feeling of stepping into a garment that you took the time to properly fit. Or, having someone else step into your hand-made garment and it fits them better than anything in their closet!

The second book I came across was:

2 A Closetful of Doll Clothes-by Rosemarie Ionker

Doll clothes would be a great gift for Christmas! I remember back when I was a young girl and had one doll with a trunk full of doll clothes hung up neatly on miniature hangers. My grandma had made a navy blue wool coat with velveteen collar. She also crocheted a white dress with full swirl skirt that had white lining underneath. The sash was white silk with a pink rosette attached at off center. (I still have that dress on my Barbie, 45 years later). Then, she added shoes and little white gloves that were purchased when Mattel made such lovely accessories. It was the best gift I ever remember getting!
User: weB2cats
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From: Mary Jane
Date: 11-15-2003, 09:25 PM (2 of 3)
I looked up the book

A Closetful of Doll Clothes-by Rosemarie Ionker

and found another book called sewing for small dolls by Rosemarie Ionker, which may be more of what I want have to heard of it?

I can't tell which dolls she has in the book, but I have Barbies, Jem and Jenny dolls, which are all fashion doll size. I am looking for some patterns.
User: Mary Jane
Member since: 11-15-2003
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From: MaryW
Date: 12-12-2003, 09:49 AM (3 of 3)
I found a very good doll site this morning, quite by accident.
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User: MaryW
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