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From: firsttimesewer
Date: 09-28-2003, 07:51 AM (1 of 3)
Hi, I hope I am doing this right, it has been a while...

I need help! I want to make a dust cover for my oddly shaped fax machine. There are, one paper guide on top, and one on the front.

I don't want to make the cover square, I would like a little bit of roundness, at least in the front.

I have the measurments (sort-of) for the fax machine.

I know to have a continueous pc. and 2 sides, which in my case is the front and back..

How do I measure the front and back to fit the continueous pc. The fax machine is a shape that you can not tell where the front is.

I measured one side up and over the top and down to the other side, for the continueous pc. and from one paper guide to the other for the width.

Does the front and back pc need to be as long as the continueous pc in order to attach them?

I am very confussed and I am hoping that I have explained this clearly enough for you to understand, what I am looking for.

Thank you for allowing me to ask this question.

Thank you in advance.
User: firsttimesewer
Member since: 03-06-2002
Total posts: 4
From: pennypins
Date: 09-28-2003, 01:29 PM (2 of 3)
I think I know what you mean....yes, cut the one long piece that would cover the length of the front and back (call this A) Cut the side pieces to be a rectangle the length and height of the side of the machine. (call this B). Round off the top corners of the B rectangle if you like. NOw here's the tricky're going to pin that long piece A to three sides of piece B. Start at the beginning of one side of A and pin it to the front lower corner of B, find the middle of the long piece and pin it to the middle of the top edge B, and pin the end A to the bottom corner of the side piece B. Go back and put a few more pins in - you may have to make a few pleats or pinches - so that you end up joining the whole long side to the three sides of that side piece. Do the other side the same. Good luck!

was "plcp" at SWN since Jan/01
User: pennypins
Member since: 02-25-2003
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From: firsttimesewer
Date: 09-29-2003, 12:07 PM (3 of 3)

Thank you very much for directions on making the dust cover for my fax machine.

I feel like I know what you are saying, but the true test is, when I actually do it.

Thank you, and keep your fingers crossed.

User: firsttimesewer
Member since: 03-06-2002
Total posts: 4
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