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From: MTontheMountain
Date: 03-26-2004, 09:01 PM (1 of 14)
I've made a square decorator pillow for my family room couch. I tried to put cording around the pillow but couldn't seam (pun) to sew close enough to the cording - I don't want the salvage to show. The cording I purchased was about 1/2 in diameter. Do I need a special foot on my Viking sewing machine? Help!
User: MTontheMountain
Member since: 08-05-2003
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From: bren
Date: 03-26-2004, 10:50 PM (2 of 14)
Hi MTontheMountain...welcome to the boards... I would use my zipper foot to sew close to the cord.:bluesmile
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User: bren
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From: Noodles
Date: 03-27-2004, 05:58 AM (3 of 14)
I agree a zipper foot can get right up next to the cording.
User: Noodles
Member since: 03-14-2004
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From: shadylady
Date: 03-27-2004, 10:33 AM (4 of 14)
I don't want the salvage to show

I don't know if you meant to say seam, but you should be cutting the selvage off.

Another tip: after you sew the cording on the one side, turn if over and sew next to it again. This will get the stitching even closer.
User: shadylady
Member since: 09-19-2003
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From: shirleyp
Date: 03-27-2004, 11:56 AM (5 of 14)
Don't be scared to sew as tight to the cording as possible. When it lays flat it tends to roll over, I hope this makes sense. It looks like you are going to sew into the cording but you don't. Make the zipper foot push the cording back up.

I tend to be lazy with pinning things, but when you sew cording you need to pin lots. You can try hand basting then sew. Having it secure really makes a beautiful job.
User: shirleyp
Member since: 02-12-2002
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From: MTontheMountain
Date: 03-28-2004, 03:11 PM (6 of 14)
Success is using a zipper foot to sew the cording to the edge of a decorative pillow. Thanks!
User: MTontheMountain
Member since: 08-05-2003
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From: MaryW
Date: 03-29-2004, 08:54 AM (7 of 14)
:bg: Aren't these girls super!
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User: MaryW
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From: NanCee
Date: 04-16-2004, 01:35 PM (8 of 14)
You are a big help gals, one of my latest projects was for pillows
and iput gold cord on them but was not too pleased with the results. Shady lady could you please explain what you meant
about both sides? I must be a bit dense,I cant quite follow that.
I used my zipper foot and still didnt seem to get close enough.
My thanks to 1st lady who asked the question, hope yours
turned out perfect.
User: NanCee
Member since: 04-15-2004
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From: shadylady
Date: 04-17-2004, 12:24 PM (9 of 14)
What I mean is, after you sew the cording on, all the way around, with both sides together, cord in between, flip the whole pillow over (i.e. if you just sewed with the front part of the pillow on top, now flip it over to the back side of pillow), and sew around again. This will put the stitching yet closer to the cord.
You can also get a cording foot for your machine. This will get the stitching really close.
User: shadylady
Member since: 09-19-2003
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From: Dede
Date: 04-17-2004, 02:28 PM (10 of 14)
I use my zipper foot and also move my needle as far as needed.
User: Dede
Member since: 03-23-2001
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From: Melanie T
Date: 01-27-2005, 10:23 AM (11 of 14)
I am looking at making two pillows with 1/2" decorator piping/cording around them. I have used 1/4" piping/cording before on valances with no problems, but this is stiffer and I am not confident that I can make the pillow corners look nice.

On the valances, I machine basted the piping it to the right side of the fabric with my zipper foot, then sewed again as tight as I could to the cording. Next I layered the lining over the cording and sewed the pieces together. I pressed and then understitched the valance, put the rest together and it turned out beautifully.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the larger piping and corners look nice for my pillows?

4 little sewing machine mechanics (6, 4, 2, Born June 14)
Ontario Canada
User: Melanie T
Member since: 09-21-2004
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From: shirleyp
Date: 01-27-2005, 11:05 AM (12 of 14)
Measure where your corner is on the cording. Clip in a 45 degree angle. Sew up to the angle. Tack, then lift your needle, turn your pillow and sew on the other side of the clip. Tack this as well. On one side of the salvage you will have a piece sticking out, clip this off with your scissors. This should make your cording come nice around the corner.

Or you can fold the salvage, where you clipped it, up to the cording and cut off the excess pieces before you sew on the cording. Hope this helps.
User: shirleyp
Member since: 02-12-2002
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From: afalasco
Date: 10-12-2005, 01:04 PM (13 of 14)
any suggestions on finishing the ends of decorative cording around a pillow - my cording is the decorative twisted cording so the two ends meet up - how do i finish them off to avoid fraying?
User: afalasco
Member since: 10-12-2005
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From: shirleyp
Date: 10-13-2005, 07:03 PM (14 of 14)
This is what I did with my cording. You tape the ends, so they don't fray. Pin the cording all around, when you get to the ends, butt them as tight as you can and at the same time fold them down , when you sew, sew right over these ends. Then you can cut off the excess. Hope this makes sense.
User: shirleyp
Member since: 02-12-2002
Total posts: 352
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