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From: jacket_inserts
Date: 10-27-2004, 11:30 PM (1 of 3)

Over the past few years, I have developed the concept of zip-in jacket
inserts allowing fleece, waterproof-breathable or any other kind of jacket, to expand for use during pregnancy or to protect a baby in a front carrier.

The design is quite simple: a zipper, and when appropriate, storm flaps
matching those of the jacket are sewn on either side of a paneled unit made of the same materials as the jacket and shaped to provide the extra volume needed.

I have posted the instructions and patterns on the web as freely downloadable PDFs for people interested in making their own inserts.

Check them out at

I am not a professional and this is strictly a non-commercial initiative. Making and testing insert prototypes and developing the instructions and patterns took quite a while. Now I am keen to reach the largest possible number of outdoor-minded pregnant women and recent parents with my announcements.

If you feel that jacket inserts are a good idea, please the information to people who might be interested. If you think they are a really good idea, why not print the one-page advertisement from the web page and post it on bulletin boards, in maternity, outdoor and fabric stores, etc.?

Thank you.

Wish you smooth sewing and happy hiking

Stephane Dupont
User: jacket_inserts
Member since: 10-27-2004
Total posts: 3
From: boogalooz
Date: 12-22-2004, 11:42 AM (2 of 3)
Its funny I looked at this pattern and thought what a cool idea.

But I didn't even think about making it. then I went shopping the other day and my youngest (16 months) was being a rotten kid, she insisted on being held. I do have a front carrier that I carried her in then on the way out to the car she froze.

Got home and thought to myself! I AM GONNA MAKE ONE!!

thanks for the pattern, its really easy! my favortite!

I will let you know how it goes and post a picture.

Diaper maker - BoogaloozBaby
Avon lady

mommy to Susanne 3.5 and Victoria 17mo
wifey to Will for 6.5 years
User: boogalooz
Member since: 10-08-2004
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From: jacket_inserts
Date: 12-23-2004, 08:22 PM (3 of 3)
No problem. Have fun with it!

You may have seen them already but for the sake of the earlier viewers of my original post, I should point out that we recently put up a new page with Photos and Testimonials. These are all on inserts I made for myself, family and friends so I am looking forward to adding some from other people. Anyway, the new page is at:

Thanks also for pointing out that it is a simple sewing project. Some people get spooked by the size of the instructions. They are long but they cover three different inserts in enough detail for a novice to get by. I also needed to cover all the options for matching jacket zippers and flaps. However, as you pointed out, if you're an experienced seamstress, there's really nothing to it.

Wish you smooth sewing, warm winter walks with your baby and of course, a joyful holiday season and happy new year (to all other forum viewers, as well!).

User: jacket_inserts
Member since: 10-27-2004
Total posts: 3
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