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From: Dexter
Date: 11-05-2004, 04:06 PM (1 of 2)
Hey everyone. This is my first post here. I made this thread on another forum a few weeks before Halloween, but I thought that perhaps a few of you would appreciate it.

Aside from dressing myself up in a nifty , dexterous made costume, pumpkin carving is probably the most enjoyable tradition of Halloween for me. I’m more satisfied with carving pumpkins than painting Easter eggs. I find you can get more artistic and meticulous when it comes to crafting pumpkins. I’ve enjoyed getting creative with my pumpkin carvings for the last several years and this year is looking to be my most favored and most creative out of them all! The activity is frequently finished off with some hot, crisp pumpkin pie fresh out of the oven, with perhaps a few other added ingredients for embellished flavor and exceptional dynamism!

Around 5 AM yesterday morning, my special friend and I took the truck and ventured out to capture pumpkins. While listening to the likes of Savage Garden and tweaker, it was a swift two hour drive to the location where the most resplendent, odoriferous pumpkins in probably all of the state of Oregon dwelled. By the time we got there, the sun's light was starting to poke out and there was fog everywhere, only adding beauty to the entire experience. The pumpkin field was huge! I was almost too intimidated to bother picking certain pumpkins out of the copious of pumpkins there were there to choose from. They were all so wonderfully produced; it was difficult making decisions. We knew that the lighter colored ones carved easier, and we looked for elegant stems and carvable faces, too. After about 40 enjoyable minutes of picking out pumpkins, we finally headed back, but not without spending vast sums of money. We got a total of 27 pumpkins during this adventure, all different sizes and shapes. Fat, skinny, tall, short, crooked, etc. Really, it was quite the collection. I’ve never before gotten so many pumpkins before, but I really felt like going all out this year.

The thing is, my special friend and I have entered two pumpkin-carving competitions, so we needed to get ourselves a rather large number of pumpkins for such a task. One of the competitions is being held within the local town of Sweet Home and the other, more important one is an online competition that a lot of our cosplaying friends from around the world have entered. We are both looking forward to observing other carved pumpkins and seeing how well ours does. Just another one of those silly things we like to do for amusement. So, with our precision saws, and our high quality, flammiferous votive candles, and also our Victorian fretwork pattern books, we hope to come out victorious!

So, anyone else planning on carving pumpkins this Halloween? If so, are you going for the usual pumpkin face or are you going to try out something new and creative? Does anyone happen to have some ideas that might allure me with fascination? I’ve got plenty of ideas already, but I’m always open for suggestions. You never know, maybe one of you will give me that winning idea!

Anyway, I know this message is a little late, but I just recently discovered these forums and thought a few of you might be interested in sharing your thoughts. Maybe a few of you actually have some pictures of your pumpkin creations. I won second place in the local pumpkin carving competition and the online competition is yet to be decided. ^_^

Pumpkin (
User: Dexter
Member since: 11-05-2004
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From: dmoses
Date: 11-05-2004, 04:40 PM (2 of 2)
Hi Dexter,
Welcome to the SWN discussion boards! :smile:

I have noticed in the past few years that pumpkin carving is becoming more and more 'artful' and creatively intricate. Yours are no exception! :up:

We scrambled to carve ours on Hallowe'en, right before the little goblins arrived for their treats. Next year I will try to be a little more organized and get it done well in advance of the big night, as the process of creating a piece of pumpkin art can be very rewarding personally, and also a whole lot of fun(if we give ourselves enough time). :wink:

I am a relative novice to the craft of pumpkin-carving, so perhaps you could advise much of the inside of the pumpkin pulp do you scrape out before carving, and how much of it would you need to make a pie? In our rush this year, we only bothered to take out the seeds(which were nice and tasty when roasted).
Take care,
User: dmoses
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