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From: Goddess of Time
Date: 11-08-2004, 04:40 AM (1 of 7)
Hello there, I just found this place tonight and thought I'd joined as it looked like a great place to learn some valuable things. I'm just getting into sewing and wanted to ask a few questions. :smile:

For starters, what's the best kind of machine to start with? At first I thought I'd get a Singer...but now I'm leaning more towards a Brother. Are they both good...or is one better for a beginner? The lady in the sewing dept told me she liked Brothers better. So I'm really confused. One more getting one with a higher stitch function better at first? I thought it would be and would help me on down the line.?. :nc:

Next, what all do I need to buy to get started...besides the machine of course. I don't want to miss out on getting something I really need.

Also, can you give me any tips on what to do first? Just to let you know...I'm really interested in doing my own alterations to shirts and such...and learning to make my own on down the line. I also like the idea of making pillows. I mainly want to cut stuff up and recreate something totally new from all the ideas pouring out of my head all the time. I'd like to get good enough that I could sell my creations...I know that will take awhile but I'm ready and willing to learn.

Well...thanks alot for your help. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again! :smile:

Oh..and a bit of info. I'm in the USA...and you can call me GoT for short. :wink:
User: Goddess of Time
Member since: 11-08-2004
Total posts: 3
From: smith972
Date: 11-08-2004, 07:22 AM (2 of 7)
My first machine as an adult was a singer basic machine.....only because at the time that was all i could cost 100....I just upgraded a little bit ago to a kenmore 43 stitch my opinion at first all you will need is the singer basic for what you want to do....

But once you catch the bug like the rest of us you will be buying more equipment.....

I just brought a new kenmore, a serger and in two weeks an embro. machine...

HTH :smile:
User: smith972
Member since: 09-10-2004
Total posts: 241
From: DorothyL
Date: 11-08-2004, 08:16 AM (3 of 7)
I've had both a basic Singer and a basic Brother. I liked both of them. Just don't overwhelm them (I killed the Singer with a denim jacket). Unless you have lots of money, start with the cheaper models. Don't worry about a lot of fancy stitches until you know if you like sewing and until you know what you want to do and what it will take to do it.
If I was you I would start right out making the clothes you want, then alter as you pick up an understanding of garment construction.
Get EASY patterns. Fit them to your measurements. If you have an idea to change something in a pattern, give it a try. Maybe on scrap fabric or the cheap stuff from the sale tables (Wal-Mart is good for that if you shop there).
Be adventurous, be creative and have fun.
Read, read, read. There are tons of good ideas in books out there and in magazines such as Sew News and Threads.
As for what you need, we all use different things. Start with a basic sewing kit and add to it or upgrade as you discover what works for you.
You do need a good iron. And use it. You should spend more time at the ironing board than anywhere else in the sewing room!!
User: DorothyL
Member since: 12-09-2002
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From: MaryW
Date: 11-08-2004, 08:28 AM (4 of 7)
Goddess of Time, hi and welcome to Sew whats New.

I am going to echo what has been said time and again on this site. There are lots of machines to choose from. Find a dealer who has some reconditioned used ones and go from there. You can learn the basics on almost any type of machine.
owner/editor of Sew Whats New
User: MaryW
Member since: 06-23-2005
Total posts: 2542
From: Goddess of Time
Date: 11-08-2004, 08:50 AM (5 of 7)
Thanks so much for the fast replys. :up:
User: Goddess of Time
Member since: 11-08-2004
Total posts: 3
From: Mischka
Date: 11-08-2004, 08:00 PM (6 of 7)
Welcome, GoT! You might want to check out the thread "what supplies should I get?" that was posted by Janaya. I found it on page 3 of this forum (I'd link to it, but don't know how!).
I started sewing last spring on a Singer 5050 from WalMart. Has more features than I know how to use, and was inexpensive - but none of the support you'd get from a dealer, which is where I'd go if I had to do it over again.
User: Mischka
Member since: 09-01-2004
Total posts: 63
From: Goddess of Time
Date: 11-08-2004, 10:21 PM (7 of 7)
Thanks...I'll check that thread out. :wink:
User: Goddess of Time
Member since: 11-08-2004
Total posts: 3
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