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From: boogalooz
Date: 11-11-2004, 02:08 AM (1 of 4)
A pattern for one of those nifty wrist pin cushions....

anyone have one or know where I can find one. preferably online and free. LMAO


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User: boogalooz
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Date: 11-11-2004, 05:56 AM (2 of 4)
You can probably make up one of these as you go! First I would look for an empty plastic detergent bottle or cottage cheese tub and cut a piece in the shape you want your cushion. Then make a little pincushion with the plastic piece at the bottom, next your wrist, so you will not stab yourself in all the sewing excitement! Then make a cloth tube to match, insert elastic, measure to fit your wrist comfortably while stretched, sew to the bottom of the pincushion, and there you are!

Please let us know how this goes!
Member since: 09-15-2004
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From: beachgirl
Date: 11-11-2004, 03:55 PM (3 of 4)
If you stuff your pincushion with steel wool ( not the soapy kind ) it will keep your pins sharp. Could cover that with a layer of thin batting if you'd like. Saw dust works great also I've heard. Just some ideas. You might try going on Yahoo or Google & typeing in pincushion patterns or putting the word free as your first word. Know there are some on the web but don't remember just where.
User: beachgirl
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From: Jonell
Date: 11-11-2004, 04:58 PM (4 of 4)
You got me interested in making a wrist pin cushion so I did a search. I found many crochet wrist cushions by doing a search. But the only sewn one I could find was a finger pin cushion at
I know I saw several of these wrist pin cushions made by a nice lady :up: on Ebay. You might want to check out hers, if you can't find one yourself. Hope this helped.
Sew Happy Jonell :dave:
User: Jonell
Member since: 05-30-2001
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