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From: oliviajane
Date: 11-11-2004, 05:10 PM (1 of 2)
So glad I re-found this site! Used to have a ULT 2001 for sewing and embroidery, emb fell by the way side and so I sold ULT...big I want a sew/emb machine again!!!! I will mainly use for personalizing names and monograms. I loved the larger hoops and letters with the ULT! I'd like to be able to do letters in sizes up to 4 or so inches in height. And, of course, I do lots and lots of sewing!
Well, I've looked into the Kenmore 19010 and the Singer XL's. I like the Kenmore for the built in monograms, but can't seem to get a good answer on the sizing issue! Does anyone here know (or have one?) I know the XL's have the larger emb fields, but not the built in monograms as far as I know...or it could be just getting a card?? Does anyone have any ideas?
Next issue is price!! I would need to get a used machine as a new is just not in my budget!! Has anyone bought off Ebay or get can give me an idea of a "fair" used price for these machines??
Any, any help is so appreciated!!!
Anita :smile:
User: oliviajane
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From: Melanie T
Date: 11-12-2004, 09:34 AM (2 of 2)
I have a kenmore 19010 and love it. It will only do a 4x4 embroidery field, so if you can't live without the larger field then you won't be happy with it. I just rehoop a lot using my clothsetter and I don't complain because of the price difference.

The 19010 is on sale at sears right now for $1500 which isn't bad, but I bought mine on EBay for $800. I had a great experience with Porterville Auction, my machine arrived in great shape, well packed with all the acceceries.

If you do buy on eBay, there are several things you need to be careful of:

1. Don't buy from a seller with little or no feedback no matter how cheap the price because you don't know if they are legitimate or not and at these prices you don't want to be the one who has to blow the wistle.

2. Read the item description carefully - ask the seller if you are not sure of anything. Many of the 19010 for sale on eBay are store returns. Ask why it is being sold and buy one that has been tested if possible

3. Buy with a credit card through PayPal, then you have three levels of insurance protecting you if something goes wrong with the transaction

4. Read Ray White's site about shipping sewing machines and send these instructions to the seller. Make sure the seller sends the machine in the origional sears packaging or using Ray White's packing method. Many machines are damaged beyond repair during shipping due to improper packaging. Shipping insurance will not cover damage due to improper packing. Make sure the seller understands that you will not accept the shipment if it arrives in any other packaging and don't sign for the shipment until you have unpacked the machine totally and checked it for damage. TAKE PICTURES for proof if there is any question. The courier or whoever will wait until you have inspected it (maybe not patiently but too bad).

I enjoy my machine, at the price I paid I am very happy with what I have in comparison to what I would have to pay for similar features. I would be glad to answer any other questions you have. For specific questions that you may have about the 19010 go to the yahoo group about the machine
the ladies there are a wealth of information.
4 little sewing machine mechanics (6, 4, 2, Born June 14)
Ontario Canada
User: Melanie T
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