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From: BowWow
Date: 01-15-2005, 11:10 PM (1 of 2)
What a great forum! I am looking forward to getting to know many of you through SEW WHAT'S NEW. Isn't "the internet" the most wonderful invention? I feel so fortunate to live in this day & age. Amazing...

I am a 52 year old gal who has decided that after working "way too many years" in a 9x10 office for 10-12 hrs a day... there MUST be a better way of making a living! After much research and soul-searching, I am preparing to go into the sewing business. My specialty will be doggie type attire... dresses (party, wedding, casual, sun :dave: ), shirts, coats, vests, hats, slippers, bows, holiday costumes, blankets... you name it.

My initial quest at this point is obtaining as many patterns and ideas as I can. If you can help... I would love to hear from you! :smile: If you can simply direct me to resouces you have found helpful... or share a picture of a special pet & attire... or even most hopefully share tried & true patterns, I would be so thankful.

As time goes by... I would love to share my accomplishments (& possible failures :nc: ) with you. My hubby & I have an adorable English Bull Dog named Spike... who will no doubt end up being our testing model (he's going to love it! :bolt: )

Thank you for you time... and one way or the other, I will be connecting with many of you in response to other "threads & postings".
Blessings To All...
User: BowWow
Member since: 01-15-2005
Total posts: 6
From: asewingnut
Date: 02-12-2005, 02:56 PM (2 of 2)
Hi! This is also one of my first posts on this forum. There has been a plethora of information here, and I am so happy to have found it. What I was most impressed was that you have been in the work field and have the courage to try something you've always wanted to do. I have also thought about starting a sewing business for years (I'm 38), but instead found myself going back to school become a CPA! I know that whatever I learn in my classes will ultimately help me, but now I'm torn between going to a college about 45 min. away where they have a degree in "Apparel Textile and Design". I am very, very excited about this possibility, but in the back of my mind wondering, "what if I spend all of this time and my business does not take off??" I know that I will make great money as a CPA, so it is hard to leave that possibility behind. I have 4 kids ( 13 - 6) and want to help them with going to college. But working for myself would allow me the opportunity to be on their schedule more. So, if anyone has any advice, please feel free to share. I just don't know what to do. I love, love, love to sew! Thank you!! Melissa
Jackson, MI
User: asewingnut
Member since: 02-10-2005
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