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From: nativetexan
Date: 11-23-2005, 02:09 PM (1 of 3)
has anyone used felted wool for quilts? if so, is is washable and how does it come, in squares or on a bolt? I just saw two quilts in magazines made with this. One photo looked like ultrasuede to me. interesting.

User: nativetexan
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From: Sailorliz
Date: 11-24-2005, 08:20 AM (2 of 3)
The quilt shop that I like to shop at, sells hand dyed felted wool. It is in 6 x6 or maybe 8 x8 squares, I'm not sure of the size. They have some patterns that they selll for making a quilt with this. It is an appliqued quilt, with no batting or backing. I have purchased some of their squares and needle felted designs on them, with the idea of maybe someday, turning them into a quilt.

I think a wool quilt would be very warm and durable. I would wash it just like a wool sweater. Cold water, gentle cycle, or hand wash and dry flat. Use a deteregent like "woolite".
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User: Sailorliz
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From: bridesmom
Date: 11-25-2005, 06:33 AM (3 of 3)
I was wondering if felted wool is much the same as a knit square of wool that has been washed numerous times in very hot water and dried in a hot dryer so it shrinks up and becomes felted. I have done that with hats and slippers. Once it is shrunk really good, it doesn't seem to shrink any more, I know the kids just throw their slippers into the washing machine with everything else, then into the dryer and they come out the same. You could almost test a square and see what happens, though I'd still be tempted to wash something that has so much work put into it, in cold water anyhow.
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