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From: MaddieBoo
Date: 12-14-2005, 10:52 AM (1 of 7)
So happy I found this group. Can someone give me suggestions as to how to do a label for a quilt. Does anyone have the HP software for quilt labels. Any suggestions or recommendations or even any advice would be welcome.
Thanks so much.
User: MaddieBoo
Member since: 12-05-2005
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From: HeyJudee
Date: 12-14-2005, 12:20 PM (2 of 7)
No I don't use any software for labels. On one of my quilts I just took a piece of fabric - one of the kind that I used on the front of the quilt - and used the lettering on my sewing machine to put my name, town and province, the month and year. Then I cut it out allowing extra for turning under the edges. Then I sewed it to the backing fabric.

I also have pre-printed labels that I bought at a quilt shop - a piece with approx. 10-20 different labels. I do the same thing, embroider on my name, etc. turn under the edges and sew it onto the quilt. When I sew on the label, I do it before I even pin the quilt. Then when I quilt it, the label gets quilted as well.

That was a suggestion that I had from a quilt store owner. But she says that she sews it onto the front in an area that is not affecting the design. Then she quilts the quilt. She said if someone wanted to steal her quilt, the person would realize how much work it was to take it off and will probably just pass it buy.
TTFN from
User: HeyJudee
Member since: 01-25-2005
Total posts: 1366
From: MaddieBoo
Date: 12-14-2005, 03:10 PM (3 of 7)
Thank you for tip. This is one quilt I actually finished so a label was mandatory. Thanks again.
User: MaddieBoo
Member since: 12-05-2005
Total posts: 3
From: esrun3
Date: 12-14-2005, 11:41 PM (4 of 7)
Hi Maddiboo and welcome! I use the HP program for most of my quilt labels. I love me room to write a little history, etc about the quilt on the label. I've even put my grandson's picture on one label for a quilt for him. I usually border the label with some fabric from the front and then hand sew it to the back after I've done the quilting. I did one where I put the label on and then quilted but I didn't like the stitching going through some of the pictures I had on the labels which is why I now hand stitch after quilting.

If you have any more questions, just holler. I'm sure someone else will come along with an idea soon too.
User: esrun3
Member since: 12-02-2004
Total posts: 2345
From: TeXas
Date: 12-15-2005, 01:53 PM (5 of 7)

Here ^^^^ is a free label maker from HP. I have their label maker but like this one as well. If you use the free graphics from Clipart the possibilities are endless.

BTW: Hello to all, new to this forum!

User: TeXas
Member since: 12-15-2005
Total posts: 4
From: Donaburd
Date: 12-15-2005, 06:49 PM (6 of 7)
I'm new to this board Maddie so I hope I'm posting this right. I used my HP Label Program today to make a label for my WW quilt. It came out pretty good. I really like the program because I can insert pictures and write a note to the recipient if I want. I tried to post a pictures but they it tells me it's in the wrong format although it's JPEG. I'll have to figure that out. If you would like you can see my WW quilt label click link below. If you have questions about the program I'll try to help. Donna
User: Donaburd
Member since: 12-15-2005
Total posts: 38
From: MaddieBoo
Date: 12-16-2005, 02:08 PM (7 of 7)
Thank you ever so much for all your help. "Texas"- a special thanks for the free label maker. "Donaburd"-a beautiful quilt with a very special label.
Thank you again.

I live in south Jersey. Does anyone live in this vicinity? Pretty new to the area.
User: MaddieBoo
Member since: 12-05-2005
Total posts: 3
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