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From: MaryW
Date: 01-03-2006, 11:10 AM (1 of 18)
I am sooooooooooooo glad things are kinda, sorta back to normal here. Grandson is in school and hubby has gone to work. The house is mine for now. Whew. Don't get me wrong, I love them both to pieces, but when they are around almost costantly for two weeks I could just about scream. :nervous:

I am going to have to catch up on a few things here. :bluesmile
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User: MaryW
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From: Hogmami
Date: 01-03-2006, 11:21 AM (2 of 18)
I can't decide what normal is. I have had a very bad two weeks. But went back to work last week to get back to normal. Now, I am hoping this year will be better.
User: Hogmami
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From: carman
Date: 01-03-2006, 12:20 PM (3 of 18)
the kids still have this week off here, they went to school right up to the 23rd.
User: carman
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From: Sailorliz
Date: 01-03-2006, 01:04 PM (4 of 18)
Well, my dad went back to my sisters house today. He was here most of the holiday that I was off from work, so needless to say I didn't get much done that I planned on doing. :whacky: Our youngest daughter is still home from college. She doesn't go back until next Sunday. Our middle daughter doesn't go back to work until Thursday, so she has been popping in and out of the house quite a bit. She also got a new pet for Xmas. The cutest puppy! Our oldest daughter was home for three days for Xmas. She is also back to her home and work. I love having them come home, but it can be stressful at times.

I think normal for me is chaos at times. :wink:
Happy sewing/quilting/crafting

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User: Sailorliz
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From: Dustbunny01
Date: 01-03-2006, 01:11 PM (5 of 18)
I agree with Mary, Whew DH is back at work and DS, Now if I could only get DD back to college sooner.. She starts back on the 11th :up:

talk about stress filled hoilday.. it has been it.. and I am still behind on my sewing/quilting..

right now putting a quilt top together
User: Dustbunny01
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From: Magot
Date: 01-03-2006, 02:48 PM (6 of 18)
Tony and I are back at work but the girls are still here until this weekend and then back to college. I've enjoyed seeing them but I look forward to not being told off for eating the wrong stuff all the time. Or haaving my house clean - that would be nice. Being the same state as when I left it is what I look forward too...
love and kisses, Jan
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User: Magot
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From: MaryW
Date: 01-03-2006, 02:49 PM (7 of 18)
You love to see them come and you love to see them go. :yawn:
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User: MaryW
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From: DorothyL
Date: 01-03-2006, 04:08 PM (8 of 18)
No kidding. For the last couple weeks I worked more than the people who have jobs.
We took my daughter home as a last minute decision. What a ride back -- snow in the mountains.
Tomorrow I can get to sewing.
User: DorothyL
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From: debsews
Date: 01-03-2006, 08:25 PM (9 of 18)
We were at my DS and DIL's from the 16th to the 26th and then at my parents from the 26th to the 29th. Back home and today was the first day I got to go in my sewing room and start another project. The robe I made my son didn't fit very well and so i made another one today out of fleece. I think he'll like it well enough in the cold weather and then will want another for summer. Oh well I love to do it! We usually have the whole family here in Florida but this year no one could come and so we did all the running.
User: debsews
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From: allie-oops
Date: 01-03-2006, 08:57 PM (10 of 18)
Normal? NORMAL? What the heck is THAT? Dh works from home, and I homeschool - I'm thinking of getting a job just so I can get away from them all, lol!!!!!!!!!!! Add in two dogs and a cat, and it's just nuts around here 24/7. All of us, plus all the books, crammed into 1100sq ft.

But you better believe I've got my own sewing room, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the nicest room in the house. :bg:
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User: allie-oops
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From: MotherInLaw
Date: 01-03-2006, 09:03 PM (11 of 18)
Well this week my Granddaughter went to visit her Mom so I had the house and my time to myself. That all ended today, I woke up this morning with her in my bed and hubby went back to work. She comes here when they leave for work they live next door in their little fema trailer and when her Daddy, my son and my husband go to work at 3 in the morning, she comes by me until we wake up. I did get some sweats done for my neighbor with his logo so I did some sewing but not much. I also finished putting the sleeves in a duster I started before Katrina hit, I took it with me thinking I'd work on it while we were gone but no fat chance that happened. Anyway my life is sort of back to normal. Now I have to do income taxes which means I have to take inventory of my home before the storm and that's not going to be easy. :bluesad:
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From: plrlegal
Date: 01-04-2006, 12:14 AM (12 of 18)
I agree with Allie-oops what is normal? There is no one in my house but my Dh but I swear if I go in my kitchen one more time and the sink is full of dirty dishes or there's papers and glasses all over my living room I'm going to whack him over the head!!! I have had two 3 and 1/2 day weekends (7 days off) during the holidays and I've gotten nothing done except 1 quilt block. I told him last night that if the last couple of weeks are what retirement is going to be like he can forget me retiring, I'll just keep working until I drop over. I don't know if I can be in the house with this man 24/7 or not without losing my cool. He's as bad as having a kid or two around.

User: plrlegal
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From: bridesmom
Date: 01-04-2006, 12:54 AM (13 of 18)
I'm back to normal, took 2 days to clean the house and while doing that I decided to clean out all the closets as well. Now the front entry is full of stuff for the thrift shop. Took down the Christmas lights as well, weeded a bit this morning, shampooed living room and dining room rugs and then - back to the sewing room. Did a bit of tideing up, then spent FOUR hours cutting out the snowboard jacket! Tomorrow, I sew! It is nice to have family, but oh so nice to get things back the way I like it.
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User: bridesmom
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From: MaryW
Date: 01-04-2006, 06:29 AM (14 of 18)
Patsy, it is not easy. I know exactly how you feel. My hubby is semi retired and is home part of the time.
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User: MaryW
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From: toadusew
Date: 01-04-2006, 09:53 AM (15 of 18)
It's not really back to normal around here either. Hubby went back to work, but my daughter is still home from college. And of course, I have the challenge of keeping the house "showable" at all times--and for me that is quite a challenge! :wink: Our house hasn't been shown for 3 weeks and we're in complete limbo about when we're moving. Hubby had a report date of January 23, but that was changed to "whenever the house sells". That could be soon or in 6 months! :sick: I've already given notice at my mom's apartment here and we have a place for her in the D.C. area, but that's not 100% certain yet--still waiting on approval since it's a low income place. So, I guess "normal" will have to wait a little longer! LOL
User: toadusew
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From: Mom of Six
Date: 01-04-2006, 10:00 AM (16 of 18)
It's back to normal here. DD & sister went back to work after almost 2 weeks off. So nephew & DGKs are here for the rest of the week. 2DSs & DD(#3) are back to work. DH is off most of the winter because he is in construction. So things are back to crazy here.Next week school starts so I will have an hour or so to myself if DH goes to work. He has to have a kidney stone blasted on the 25th. He went to the DR. yesterday & they said he won't pass it on his own but the machine is shared between a lot of hospitals & is only here every 3 weeks. today is their day but it was full. so he gets to wait until the end of the month & hope it doesn't move. I am not looking forward to this hospital bill. We cancelled our ins. last year because it went up to $1000. per month & we never used it except for minor illnesses. Of course he has been in ER 2 times this yr. & now this bill. We are looking into other ins. but most won't cover preexisting conditions. I still think we will have come out ahead unless there are complications with his procedure.
This is normal for us.
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From: mommydionne
Date: 01-14-2006, 09:00 AM (17 of 18)
ick... poor you, I hate keeping the house "showable" but since the buzz on the base is we are moving in the summer I'm going to have to start soon ugh. We have no "normal" in our house either but I am glad everyone is back at school, daycare work etc. Routine helps a lot!
User: mommydionne
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From: esrun3
Date: 01-14-2006, 01:16 PM (18 of 18)
I'm looking forward to things being back to "normal" (whatever that is!) now that I'm finally back home from traveling for business! Had a great time in Atlanta but am soooooooooo glad to be home...I've missed my sewing machine and all of my friends here!! Hoping by the end of the week I've caught up on mail-snail and e-mail and have managed to catch up with my friends so I can get back to sewing! I haven't sewn in over a month and it's telling on me.

Has anyone ever figured out what "normal" is???? LOL
User: esrun3
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