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From: PinkPeanutButte
Date: 03-10-2006, 08:53 PM (1 of 4)
I just bought an older machine which I still have to get it looked at by a techinican. I tried it out and it seems to be working. Only the thread on top gets stuck in the hole (where the bobbin thread comes up from) and it gets stuck. Also, when I sew it creates a mess on the bottom of the fabric. What am I doing wrong? :bang: Or is it the machine? :( Any information will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
User: PinkPeanutButte
Member since: 03-08-2006
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From: esrun3
Date: 03-10-2006, 08:58 PM (2 of 4)
Welcome to SWN!!! Is your bobbin the correct way? Some are supposed to turn clockwise and some counterclockwise. Also, is the correct bobbin-there is a slight difference in sizes and I have discovered that some I can use in one of my Singer's but not in the other one. Both of these things contribute to the "rats nest" on the bottom of your fabric. I know someone else will be along with other suggestions. Hope this helps some.
User: esrun3
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From: PinkPeanutButte
Date: 03-10-2006, 09:12 PM (3 of 4)

Thank you for being kind to give some advice! Actually, when I bought the machine, the bobbin case was missing so I took a bobbin case from another older machine I had sitting around and put it in this machine. It seems to fit perfectly, not fallint out or anything. I think it goes clockwise. I would try it out now but I have a sleeping baby right now so...I'll have to look in the morning. I am just so eager to get started on a project haha
User: PinkPeanutButte
Member since: 03-08-2006
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From: bridesmom
Date: 03-11-2006, 12:17 AM (4 of 4)
I think that if you have a bobbin holder that comes out of your machine, the bobbin thread usually goes clockwise, and if you drop the bobbin into the machine, it goes counterclockwise. Do you have a manual for the machine? If not, try or SewingUSA has threading instructions for a ton of machines on line, that you can print off. But it never hurts to get the machine cleaned up and serviced! I just got an older pfaff for $25 and had it serviced for $128 and it runs as good as my newer Pfaff. I'm quite happy with it.
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User: bridesmom
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