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From: TupJane
Date: 06-20-2006, 07:58 AM (1 of 5)
Hello all....haven't had much time to sew since last winter but need to create a Thomas Tank Engine quilt for my grandson. Purchased a panel that needs to be made into a quilt and then quilted. Easy project except that I don't have one piece of batting that's large enough for the whole thing. I have tons that are almost big enough. What happens if you stretch it to fit or what about piecing the batting? I'm short about 3-4 inches at the side edges. I'm afraid that if I piece it, it will eventually separate and then bunch up. Thanks for any opinions.
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User: TupJane
Member since: 02-04-2005
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From: HeyJudee
Date: 06-20-2006, 09:18 AM (2 of 5)
Yes I have pieced quilt batting when my pieces weren't large enought to fit.

This is the method that I have used for polyester batting. The way to do it is to overlap the two pieces a few inches, then cut a wavy line through the two pieces, remove the excess ends that you cut. Then you baste the two large pieces together by whip stitching (using large stitches) down the wavy line.

If you have the newer cotton batting that is usually used for machine quilting, I have done a similar method except that I cut a straight line instead of a wavy line. Then I used a wide zigzag stitch to stitch the pieces together. You have to be careful when stitching that the two pieces remain together...but it has worked for me. If you don't want to machine stitch, then you could do the same method as mentioned above and whip stitch as well.

Maybe others will be along with methods that they have used. Hope this helps.
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User: HeyJudee
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From: Patty22
Date: 06-22-2006, 08:17 PM (3 of 5)
Jane, I have used to the method Judy so well described to piece batting for my quilts. I use mainly cotton batts and I make sure I have lots of quilting well distributed over the areas of pieced batting (I usually mark this with extra safety pins on the top.)
User: Patty22
Member since: 03-29-2006
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From: Laurie H
Date: 06-23-2006, 12:01 PM (4 of 5)
Very good advice above. I also use mostly cotton batting and I've done exactly as described above when I'm a little short for a smaller project and just don't want to go out and buy a large piece of batting for that small project. No sense in wasting more.

Good luck.
User: Laurie H
Member since: 05-07-2006
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From: gmcsewer
Date: 06-27-2006, 09:18 AM (5 of 5)
If you cut the edges of the two pieces as they lay together in wavy line and then feather stitch them together, you cannot tell where the piecing is. I have used this many times, mostly for children's quilts. Be sure the battings are the same type and thickness. I have split the high fibre in two and used it with thinner batting also.
User: gmcsewer
Member since: 08-19-2003
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