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From: woodywoodpecker
Date: 09-24-2006, 02:32 AM (1 of 4)
I was at a garage sale today and there was a singer sewing machine there model #319k, it has levers on it, and was in immaculate shape, with cabinet and stool, all attatchments, cams, manual, I couldn't resist. I bought it and hauled it home. I really don't need another machine but it was such a deal!! I'm really looking forward to sitting down and using it. Anyone else have weakness for sewing machine? This is #3 that I couldn't pass up. Gave the other 2 to my non-sewing daughters, they still haven't taken the hint.LOL
User: woodywoodpecker
Member since: 11-07-2003
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From: MissTaraTara
Date: 09-24-2006, 02:16 PM (2 of 4)
Anyone else have weakness for sewing machine? This is #3 that I couldn't pass up.

I can spot a sewing from miles away. I remember riding down the street and spotting one in a window. My husband wasn't thrilled when I shouted "LOOK!! she has a sewing machine in her window"...his thoughts were " oh, is that all? I do glance at yardsales while passing and I can spot a sewing machine be it on the grass, a table... anywhere. My best find was a sewing machine sitting out in front of a store. I had to go investigate and the shop owner said he'd had it out front for weeks and was tired of looking at it. I bought it. I now have only 6. Unfortunately I tend to get attached to mine. If/when I get a new one, the older ones are still allowed to live here :bg: Free Image Hosting at <a" /> Free Image Hosting at <a" />
As you can see, I have no room for it so it will be a telephone table for now.
User: MissTaraTara
Member since: 01-24-2006
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From: wghmch
Date: 09-24-2006, 09:49 PM (3 of 4)
Be aware that the 319 is the third in a series of three Singers that does not use the standard length needle. Unfortunately, the standard 15X1 (705) is the same timing length, (shank to eye) so it will usually sew, but the point below the eye is too long, and eventually you will ruin the bobbin case. People who don't understand will tell you that you can retime them to use the standard needles, but they do not understand the relationships of the various aspects of the timing, and these machines will not sew well if retimed. (I can explain all of this, but most people would find it boring.)

Suffice to say, do not try to use it unless you have the proper 206X13 needle. They are not common, but they are available. The difference is easy to spot, as the point below the eye is very short.

Bill Holman
User: wghmch
Member since: 03-04-2003
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From: woodywoodpecker
Date: 09-24-2006, 10:52 PM (4 of 4)
Thank you, great information to know. There is a pack of needles that came with the machine, and they are 15x1, but the interesting thing is the price of .30$ for 3 needles. Also a package of "green oak" needles, but I'd say they are toast.
Something else that did come in the cabinet is a "Darn Easy", mechanical darner and mender. I have never seen one before and I'm sure I'll never use it either.
User: woodywoodpecker
Member since: 11-07-2003
Total posts: 242
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