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From: keljo60
Date: 11-01-2006, 12:55 PM (1 of 10)
I ws just reading the thread about the nausea and I remembered a treatment for Canker Sores that works every time and in a day or two. It's called Lactinex. You get it from the pharmacist, but it's not an RX med. Just chew a few thoroughly and rinse with a small amount of water or milk every few hours and the sores will be gone shortly! I learned this while working at a day care center about 25 years ago and it's always worked for me.

Also, get rid of hiccups by placing a paper towel over a glass of water, hold snuggly and drink the water through the paper towel. Sounds strange, but it also works every time! You should see my 16 yo dd get excited when she tells her friends about it!

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User: keljo60
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From: blackie
Date: 11-04-2006, 12:01 PM (2 of 10)
Cold sores and canker sores are healed by alum. It's a pickling spice. It hurts like heck when you put it on a canker sore but as soon as you put it on, the sore loses its "sting" and disappears fast.

Alum dries up cold sores once you've let them get full-blown (I use Abreva at the first sign of a cold sore and it usually halts it). You have to keep this white paste on your lip for a while, but a couple applications will also dry up a full-blown sore.
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User: blackie
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From: Mom of Six
Date: 11-04-2006, 02:19 PM (3 of 10)
Kelly My Dad taught us this trick for hiccups years ago. but we used a clean handkerchief or washcloth. I don't know why it works but it has never failed me yet.
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User: Mom of Six
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From: LeapFrog Libby
Date: 11-04-2006, 02:32 PM (4 of 10)
I've never had a cold or canker sore, but my sister has had many.. She has learned that when the skin first begins to tingle she applies Listerine to the spot 4 to 6 times a day, and it never develops.. (if she starts as soon as she feels the tingling)...She hasn't had one for a lot of years, now..
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User: LeapFrog Libby
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From: Magot
Date: 11-04-2006, 03:12 PM (5 of 10)
My favourit hiccup cure is to hold your breath and using your fingers and thumbs close your ears and nostrils - then swallow 3 times without breathing or opening your mouth or other orifices. It is really hard to do but the negative pressure induced seems to do the trick. You look a prat but hey, you stop hic-cupping
love and kisses, Jan
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User: Magot
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From: Kaitlinnegan
Date: 11-04-2006, 03:44 PM (6 of 10)
Just FYI, cold sores and canker sores are not the same thing -- cold sores are sores on skin on and around the lips, canker sores are on the inside of the mouth on the mucous membranes. Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus (which is communicable), but the cause of canker sores is unknown -- although they are not thought to be contagious. So, remedies for cold sores might not work for canker sores and vice versa.

I've heard that yogurt with active cultures helps with canker sores -- I wonder if Lactinex is the lactobacillis (good) bacteria that are found in yogurt? I know you can get the bacteria in pill form (I've mostly heard of them being used for yeast infections), but I hadn't heard of a chewable form. I get a lot of canker sores, so thanks for the tip! - the new home for Sew What's New
User: Kaitlinnegan
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From: blackie
Date: 11-04-2006, 04:43 PM (7 of 10)
So, remedies for cold sores might not work for canker sores and vice versa.

Well, alum works for both - for me. It has aluminum in it which is trivalent. I believe men's shaving sticks were made from alum and could stop a cut. Kinda scary, but effective. I'd try it on the canker sore - remember, like I said - it STINGS! but works well.

I should note that in regards to cold sores alum works once the cold sore has already developed and you're just hoping it "dries up" soon, which the alum does. The only thing I've found to work AS the cold sore is starting is Abreva, it comes in a little tube. It has worked every time. It's expensive but a little goes a long way and besides, I don't mind paying $16 now and then to NEVER have cold-sores!
see the mundane life of a housewife.
User: blackie
Member since: 03-31-2004
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From: Bama
Date: 11-04-2006, 10:18 PM (8 of 10)
We call them fever blisters. I've used Abreva a couple of times and it helps. :up: If I catch one at the first tingle, Campho-Phenique usually stops it.
I've gotten fever blisters occasionally throughout my whole life. Especially after an illness like strep throat or a very bad cold or when I've been really stressed out. It's weird, but every one I've had has been in exactly the same spot below my mouth.
User: Bama
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From: Chrysantha
Date: 11-04-2006, 11:07 PM (9 of 10)
Well never had a fever blister...but I DO get sores in my mouth (due to the lupus)..I've found that a mouth wash called Biotene ($$) at the store is great for me...

My fav hiccup remedy is a tsp of sugar (yeah the REAL stuff) held in my mouth and slowly dissolved works...(and it's the ONLY thing thats ever worked....)
User: Chrysantha
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From: Longblades
Date: 11-05-2006, 03:42 PM (10 of 10)
Alum? I thought alum was poisonous? Why is it that we are not supposed to put it in our pickles anymore?

I have a prescription for canker sores called Kenalog in Orabase that does the trick for me if I start it early enough. It's a paste that I dab on before bedtime.

Hmmm, my doctor said canker sores WERE one of the herpes viruses. He said it is present in most people's systems and no one knows what makes it flare up in some and not others. Maybe he said "believed to be", it was a long time ago.
User: Longblades
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