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From: MyGirlFriday
Date: 11-05-2006, 10:03 PM (1 of 7)
I really want to learn to knit~I recently purchased the book called "Stitch n' Bitch" ...anyone learn to knit from this one???

I do enjoy crocheting but would love to knit too!!

Blessings & Smiles

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User: MyGirlFriday
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From: Brenisback
Date: 11-06-2006, 04:26 AM (2 of 7)
I learn to knit from a book ...not that one ...I managed it...once you get your basic's down you can do all the other fancy stitches...I can knit but I am slow at it...I would rather grows faster...check this out ...found it on Google .

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User: Brenisback
Member since: 09-20-2004
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From: Magot
Date: 11-06-2006, 12:17 PM (3 of 7)
Knitting is always easier to learn if you have someone to show you what is going on - doesn't that work for everything? So this site has a whole heap of video clips of how to cast on, knit, purl and so on. Most helpful.

If you get stuck - give us a yell!
love and kisses, Jan
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User: Magot
Member since: 12-22-2002
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From: Brenisback
Date: 11-06-2006, 02:32 PM (4 of 7)
I just went and checked that site out Jan ... it was great...wish I had that when I was learning .

People come into your life ...for a Reason a Season or a Lifetime.
User: Brenisback
Member since: 09-20-2004
Total posts: 228
From: Bama
Date: 01-01-2007, 09:49 PM (5 of 7)
I want to learn to knit too. A friend said she would teach me, but we just can't seem to find a good time together. I signed up for free classes at a new yarn shop in a neighboring town. They said the middle of this month but I haven't heard the date from them yet. Beginner classes will be free if I buy supplies from them. Sounded like a good deal to me. :up:
I've been looking at the knitting help site but I'm still not sure if I'll be able to do it. :nervous:
User: Bama
Member since: 03-21-2000
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From: Hogmami
Date: 01-01-2007, 11:15 PM (6 of 7)
Those sites are good. I wish I would have had them when I was teaching myself to knit. My mom used to knit but I could not learn from her because I am left handed. I taught myself from a Woman Day magazine. Than I taught myself to crochet from that magazine too. I did have help from my mom when I had problems. I started crocheting a baby blanket last night. It has been years since I have done any crocheting.
User: Hogmami
Member since: 09-30-2004
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From: sewingrandma
Date: 01-02-2007, 02:09 PM (7 of 7)
This site has nice large pictures for you to follow also. Takes you step by step. Also if you google what you are trying to learn you'll find lots of different sites, so excellent some not so good. HTH
User: sewingrandma
Member since: 03-06-2003
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