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From: bridesmom
Date: 12-17-2006, 03:30 PM (1 of 6)
I am looking for some really narrow velcro for my GD Groovy Gal doll clothes. They have a narrow strip on their clothes, 1/4 or 3/8". All I can find is 1/2 inch, any idea if narrower is available in sewon?
Tickled pink with my Innovis 4000D
User: bridesmom
Member since: 01-21-2004
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From: AndreaSews
Date: 12-17-2006, 04:42 PM (2 of 6)
Hi Laura.

I have not seen it in such narrow widths. But...I have an idea. I think that the narrower it is, the harder it is to keep it positioned as you prepare for the first few stitches. I would start with the wide piece, sew it in that barn-door style (a square with an X in the middle), if possible, to secure, and then trim it to the desired width. Let us know what works for you.
(And thanks for the reminder--I have a doll project pic to post!)
User: AndreaSews
Member since: 02-18-2005
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From: DorothyL
Date: 12-17-2006, 06:05 PM (3 of 6)
For my doll clothes I used the regular 1/2 inch wide and cut off a piece 1/4 inch so I had a piece 1/2 inch long and 1/4 inch wide when I turned it on its side.
Works for me.
User: DorothyL
Member since: 12-09-2002
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From: PaulineG
Date: 12-17-2006, 09:57 PM (4 of 6)
Dorothy I think thats what they do with the RTW Barbie stuff - certainly every outfit I've looked at has that standard size.

You wouldn't necessarily have to cut it until after you've sewn either - which would make it easier to hang on to.
User: PaulineG
Member since: 09-08-2006
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From: AngieM2
Date: 12-18-2006, 11:20 PM (5 of 6)
I've always just cut it lengthwise to the width I wanted.

I just finished using it down the back opening of 18" doll clothes for Christmas.

User: AngieM2
Member since: 03-14-2005
Total posts: 24
From: bridesmom
Date: 12-19-2006, 07:58 PM (6 of 6)
Well, that's just too darn easy!! I was thinking with the wear and tear that little girls can do to their doll clothes, that it may shred, but I'll sure give it a try. Thanks!
Tickled pink with my Innovis 4000D
User: bridesmom
Member since: 01-21-2004
Total posts: 2026
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