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From: blackie
Date: 01-16-2007, 09:28 PM (1 of 2)
Well, the word I really wanted to use wasn't fit for print. So, I am sewing a few window treatments for a relative of a friend. I am regretting that I said "yes" once I saw the fabrics. To make matters worse this "client" is in the midwest so I can't even see the job. But I do trust the measurements she's given.

So five panels have top and bottom rods (the spring 5/16" kind). The fabric for these panels is this thick, slippery black brocade. She wants a fullness ratio of close to 1.5 (on the scant side) because of the heaviness of the fabric - makes sense to me:

The last two panels are simple - free-hanging with no header on top. The fabric for this is a slippery (but somewhat 'dimpled'-looking) gold fabric:

Here are my questions:
1. How do I sew with a thick, slippery brocade? Specifically, how do I hem it?

2. How do I sew with the thinner, slippery stuff? Specifically, how do I stabilize it?

3. How do I go about straightening the grain for cutting with this stuff? It has been folded and is all wonky. The brocade in particular looks like a nightmare. I could lay down a sheet on my floor I suppose. There are one million yards of it.

4. I know selvedges aren't supposed to be used as edges but in this case it would make sense. If I don't use the selvedges, I will have to construct the panels with vertical seams. Any thoughts?

I am about to take some scraps into my sewing room and mess with them. I am sweating bullets / feeling nausea thinking of sewing on these fabrics. I don't even know HOW I'm going to hem this stuff! I think I am only going to do sewing jobs / favors in like - cotton, wool, linen, flannel, etc. Yech.
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User: blackie
Member since: 03-31-2004
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From: sew42much
Date: 02-06-2007, 08:03 PM (2 of 2)
1. Don't know exactly what you mean by thick slippery
2. I would hand hem & also when you put in a dbl 4" hem put in a 4" piece of interlining in the hem only. I hope you are lining & interling those cuz that is what they really need.
3. Take a ruler & make it straight, forget the grain. It just won't fly.
4. Use the selvages as long as they are not raggy.

User: sew42much
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