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This archived content is from Mary Wilkins’ sewing and quilting message board “Sew What’s New,” which was retired in August 2007. It is being provided by “Sew What’s Up,” which serves as the new home for many members of “Sew What’s New.”
From: Ozll
Date: 01-27-2007, 06:09 PM (1 of 7)
HI I am new. I am in High school and I am the founder/President of my school/city's first Sewing club! I thought it would be a good idea to have access to more experianced sewers for questions or concerns my mebers may have. I sew alot and I am currently working on a dress for Winter Homecoming, next friday. Thanks in advanced! I just thought I'd say hello!
User: Ozll
Member since: 01-25-2007
Total posts: 32
From: PaulineG
Date: 01-27-2007, 08:34 PM (2 of 7)
Hi back and welcome. There's certainly heaps of very experienced sewers here to ask questions of. There are also some like myself who is an askee and not even close to making a dress such as you might be making for your Winter Homecoming. Good on you for getting something so rewarding going in your town/school.

BTW - did you know that by posting something about a dress you are making (particularly something special like yours) you have maybe even without knowing it, agreed to post a photo of the finished article. :bg: Look forward to seeing it.
User: PaulineG
Member since: 09-08-2006
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From: AndreaSews
Date: 01-27-2007, 09:40 PM (3 of 7)
Welcome, Oz! Glad you came by, and sure, run any Q's you have by us any time. You'll probably find you have a thing or two to offer here yourself. I second Pauline--Please share your homecoming dress in Formal Wear when you're ready.
User: AndreaSews
Member since: 02-18-2005
Total posts: 1007
From: DorothyL
Date: 01-28-2007, 09:27 AM (4 of 7)
Hey --
Isn't Mary looking for her in Take a Break or somewhere? Didn't she want someone young to work with younger sewers instead of just us old fogies?
User: DorothyL
Member since: 12-09-2002
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From: Ozll
Date: 01-28-2007, 10:36 AM (5 of 7)
Thanks for the hospitality. I'll sure try to upload a picture of my dress when it is finished. :bluesmile
User: Ozll
Member since: 01-25-2007
Total posts: 32
From: esrun3
Date: 01-29-2007, 08:47 PM (6 of 7)
Hi and welcome to the group! So nice to see someone younger here and getting a group of other sew-ers together too! You'll find tons of experience here! Can't wait to see your dress.
User: esrun3
Member since: 12-02-2004
Total posts: 2345
From: IsabelleB
Date: 01-31-2007, 05:21 AM (7 of 7)
Hi Ozll and welcome! We chatted about your corset plans already :bluesmile Hope you can get around to have a picture of your outfit even though you don't have a digital camera! :bluewink:
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User: IsabelleB
Member since: 10-25-2006
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