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From: temom
Date: 02-02-2007, 03:11 PM (1 of 3)
I just re-measured my daughter, who is growing like a weed. The pattern is for a night gown.

The pattern looks at 2 measurements - breast and height. She measures 22 1/4 inches for breast, and 44 3/4 inches for height.
Size 4 has a 23 inch chest, but 41 inch height,
size 5 has 24 inch chest, 44 inch height, and
size 6 has 25 inch chest and 47 inch height. - way too long.
The pattern does not have the finished measurements.
I'm going to have to lengthen either the 4 or the 5. Which one do you think would be better?
User: temom
Member since: 01-19-2007
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From: dmoses
Date: 02-02-2007, 03:43 PM (2 of 3)
Sometimes the pattern tissue has the finished chest measurement printed on it...Check it out. If there is a lot of ease built in, I would go with size 4 and add 3-4 inches to the bottom. If there isn't much ease, I would go with size 5, and add about an inch at the hem line to compensate for height. She is growing so fast, so you may want a little growing room.

The ease I am referring to is the difference in the actual measurement of the person(in your case, 22 1/4 inches) and the finished measurement of the garment.

Hope this helps.
Take care,
User: dmoses
Member since: 02-22-2002
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From: temom
Date: 02-02-2007, 04:09 PM (3 of 3)
Hi Donna,

The pattern paper didn't have the measurements, so I measured it at the bottom of the armpit - I guess it is the bottom of the sleeve opening. There is only a half inch difference between the 4 & the 5. I added the front and back widths, and subtracted the seam allowances. The size 4 finished size will be 30.5 inches! I think that will be plenty big!
I never would have thought of doing this without your comment about checking the pattern. Thanks so much!
I am so very glad that I joined this board!
User: temom
Member since: 01-19-2007
Total posts: 410
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