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This archived content is from Mary Wilkins’ sewing and quilting message board “Sew What’s New,” which was retired in August 2007. It is being provided by “Sew What’s Up,” which serves as the new home for many members of “Sew What’s New.”
From: Threadbare
Date: 04-16-2007, 11:31 PM (1 of 8)
Hi - It's late here and I'm just getting ready for bed. Joined yesterday and am looking forward to getting to know the "crowd". Have sewen for many years and after taking a bit of a break for the last two years, rediscovered it recently (I find the internet is the major interference to sewing) :pc: Am looking to hear from other Canadians who possibly supplement their incomes with sewing from home! :Canada:
User: Threadbare
Member since: 04-15-2007
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From: Sancin
Date: 04-17-2007, 02:08 AM (2 of 8)
Hi (I find the internet is the major interference to sewing)

Ha - you are indeed Welcome here and will be right at home!! Can't help you with the income but maybe some questions, though not as good as articulate, Pam. I have been sewing forever and seem to be getting slower, not faster - that computer again.

Another Canuk - from Prince George, BC.
*~*~*~* Nancy*~*~*~* " I try to take one day at a time - but sometimes several days attack me at once."
User: Sancin
Member since: 02-13-2005
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From: temom
Date: 04-17-2007, 08:32 AM (3 of 8)
Hi Threadbare, and welcome. I'm not Canadian, and I certainly can't earn a cent with my sewing, but I remain ever the optimist:dave:
User: temom
Member since: 01-19-2007
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From: HeyJudee
Date: 04-17-2007, 07:25 PM (4 of 8)
Hi Threadbare, another :Canada: ian here from the Ottawa region. I'm a quilter but only doing it in my spare time as I still am part of the workforce...but only for a few more years! :up: I'm sure there are others who will be able to give you some info on how they sew to supplement income. Welcome!
TTFN from
User: HeyJudee
Member since: 01-25-2005
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From: jessie s
Date: 04-17-2007, 07:28 PM (5 of 8)
Hello from good old Southern Ontario. I retired over 5 years ago. I do craft shows. Did one last Sat and have another one this Sat. Do 2 in Aug and more in Sept, Oct and NOv. Don't do too bad. Only do crafts I enjoy. Soon as a craft starts to bore me I quit it and on to another. Made business cards in the computer and put them out. Invited to 2 Home and Garden Shows in May because of the business cards. Can't go because have something every weekend with family and weddings in May but they kept my name for next year. Good luck. jessie s
User: jessie s
Member since: 02-26-2007
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From: cshortsew
Date: 04-18-2007, 06:18 PM (6 of 8)
I'm not in Canada but welcome to the group anyway.
Projects Completed in 2007:
Sewing: biscuit quilt, 7 baby dress sets, piggy pillow, 7 baby pants, eyeglass holder, purse, 5 baby outfits, toddler dress set
Crocheting: red purse, piggy slippers, sweater shawl, 5 pr. sock trims, 89 squares, baby sweater, 2 afghans, toddler harness, baby poncho, baby dress
Other: 14 Autism pins
Works in progress:
Sewing: toddler overalls & shirt
Crocheting: vertical stripes afghan
User: cshortsew
Member since: 06-28-2006
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From: vickki
Date: 04-18-2007, 07:28 PM (7 of 8)
Hi Threadbare,and welcome from down East..I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here...and get lots of info...Vickki
User: vickki
Member since: 08-21-2005
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From: esrun3
Date: 04-21-2007, 02:05 PM (8 of 8)
Welcome to the group! Can't help you with selling your items, I don't make a dime off mine but I enjoy the sewing/quilting aspects. I fully understand the internet interfence too! LOL
User: esrun3
Member since: 12-02-2004
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