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From: Addicted2Sewing
Date: 05-01-2007, 05:42 PM (1 of 6)
My daughter came home from school today with this flyer in her backpack.

There is a little boy who is 7 from Lancaster Ontario. He was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when he was just 5. His birthday is coming up soon, May 30th and his only wish is to recieve the most birthday cards ever.

I decided to pass this on to everyone I knew or to anyone I could speak to. This will be a group project for my family, and i'm sure the kids will really enjoy it.

I know you all have very busy lives, but please find it in your heart to help put a smile on this little boys face.
If you attend church, this would be a great idea for the children to do as a group.

My daughters school will be mailing the cards off this saturday, i'm not sure how long it takes for mail to get to Canada from here. So please tell everyone you can and lets all help put a smile on this little boys face.

Here is the address:

Shane Bernier
PO Box 484
Lancaster, Ontario
K0C 1N0
User: Addicted2Sewing
Member since: 02-01-2007
Total posts: 133
From: Bama
Date: 05-01-2007, 07:07 PM (2 of 6)
Hmmmm....I wonder about things like this. I got an email almost just like that about a year ago. Does anyone at the school know this boy or check it out?
User: Bama
Member since: 03-21-2000
Total posts: 2116
From: GreenDragonLady
Date: 05-01-2007, 09:00 PM (3 of 6)
According to Snopes it's true:

Bernier (
User: GreenDragonLady
Member since: 07-29-2004
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From: DorothyL
Date: 05-02-2007, 08:13 AM (4 of 6)
I got one of these at the paper even before there was an Internet and it turned out the kid was already 25 or so by the time I got it then.
Different kid maybe, same chain letter type thing.
User: DorothyL
Member since: 12-09-2002
Total posts: 3883
From: Addicted2Sewing
Date: 05-02-2007, 10:19 AM (5 of 6)
I'm not sure if anyone at my daughter's school personally knows this little boy. I do know that one of the mothers is the one sending out the cards.
User: Addicted2Sewing
Member since: 02-01-2007
Total posts: 133
From: mommydionne
Date: 05-02-2007, 06:10 PM (6 of 6)
Shane is a patient at CHEO (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario) in Ottawa, this is legit and has been in many of our local papers and supported by local radio stations and there are drop boxes in Wal-marts in the Ottawa area.
User: mommydionne
Member since: 01-08-2004
Total posts: 838
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