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From: Ragz2Bagz
Date: 05-02-2007, 01:10 PM (1 of 7)
I was just wondering if anyone knew how to decoupage shoes? I'm not sure if this is something new or something that has been around for awhile. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks so much for your time!!
User: Ragz2Bagz
Member since: 07-10-2006
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From: Pudge99
Date: 05-02-2007, 02:37 PM (2 of 7)
Well I know how not to do it. Last summer the kids and I tried to do it with white canvas shoes, tissue paper, and regular Highgloss Mod Podge. The directions ( had said to use Outdoor Mod Podge, but this is difficult to find in the local stores. There is also a fabric Mod Podge that might work better. BTW you are not limited to tissue paper you can use fabric, magazines, newspaper, etc. etc.
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User: Pudge99
Member since: 10-30-2001
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From: PaulineG
Date: 05-02-2007, 05:40 PM (3 of 7)
Don't know if there is anything here about decoupage but there is certainly plenty of info and inspiration about shoes generally.
User: PaulineG
Member since: 09-08-2006
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From: vickki
Date: 05-02-2007, 06:59 PM (4 of 7)
I did 2 lamp shades some time ago.It was from fabric leftover from the drapes I made for the window.I just used the mog podge and stuck the fabric on then I used a brush and painted it over the whole shade with the podge..I guess you could use the same with the runners only maybe they would crack with so much movement.
User: vickki
Member since: 08-21-2005
Total posts: 374
From: Patty22
Date: 05-02-2007, 07:11 PM (5 of 7)
Decoupage....Let's see that was something from the late 60's till about '72. Yep, did a purse....and a stationery box.

I don't remember the acrylic coating....might have been something like mod podge.....but I do remember having to put several coats on and between them smoothing the surface with a very fine steel wool (to elimate air bubbles etc.).

Over the years the acrylic coating has yellowed (not a pretty patina, but a muddy yellow).

On the stationery box I decoupaged a picture that my girlfriend from HS had done - I had purchased it at the art fair.
User: Patty22
Member since: 03-29-2006
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From: Addicted2Sewing
Date: 05-04-2007, 10:03 AM (6 of 7)
Not sure this is what you are looking for but here is an E-book that has instructions.
User: Addicted2Sewing
Member since: 02-01-2007
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From: rheabop
Date: 05-22-2007, 07:26 PM (7 of 7)
I have never decoupaged shoes, but I have covered shoes with fabric many years ago and used "fabric glue" to adhere the fabric to the shoe leather. It worked very well and because it was fabric glue it didn't crack like the mod podge will after drying. I have also done standard decoupage for wall hangings, and other crafts and after several years the final coating/finish will begin to yellow unless you use very fine steel wool to sand down the shiny finish so you can hardly tell the coating is there.
User: rheabop
Member since: 05-01-2007
Total posts: 1
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