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From: PaulineG
Date: 05-29-2007, 06:34 PM (1 of 4)
My littlest cat took a leap at my cheval mirror today. She's been doing that lately at the sliding door - razzing up one of the other cats when he's safely on the other side. Unfortunately this time it knocked the mirror off the frame and it has smashed. I've priced replacing the glass but it's about the same cost as getting a whole new one and the brackets that hold the mirror in place are never going to be strong enough again.

I'm thinking that I'll use the mirror surround for a picture frame of some sort - it's an elongated oval. Probably some sort of fabric collage or something. This leaves me with a stand/frame which is like a square u shape. The wood of the frame is lovely and I'd like to do something with it if I can. The whole thing stands about 5 foot high. Anybody got any ideas?
User: PaulineG
Member since: 09-08-2006
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From: vickki
Date: 05-30-2007, 07:52 PM (2 of 4)
7 years bad luck.....Naw. that's old womans such thing.....If that's the case i'd never have any good luck....Wait now I never have any good luck....:bang: :bang: :bang:
User: vickki
Member since: 08-21-2005
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From: lendube
Date: 05-30-2007, 09:26 PM (3 of 4)
Nasty luck. That must have made a racket when it came down. What a mess.

Don't have a clue except putting it in a horizontal position and using it as a table.........:re: Then you could put different fabrics in it as the mood strikes not worrying about spills etc.

:dave: Lennie
User: lendube
Member since: 08-06-2006
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From: material_pakrat
Date: 05-31-2007, 09:31 PM (4 of 4)
You could put some cork tiles in it Pauline. Then you would have one of the swishest looking cork boards around! Or put photos in it to make a collage.

Bet your cat wont be too quick to look at its own reflection again too soon.
Cheers, Soph.

I'm happiest when I am sewing!
User: material_pakrat
Member since: 12-13-2006
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