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This archived content is from Mary Wilkins’ sewing and quilting message board “Sew What’s New,” which was retired in August 2007. It is being provided by “Sew What’s Up,” which serves as the new home for many members of “Sew What’s New.”
From: MaryW
Date: 06-01-2007, 02:49 PM (1 of 8)
Hello everyone and welcome to my new subscribers. I hope your enjoy our newsletter and the topics we will be discussing.

It isn't summer yet, but it is fast approaching. Some of you have nice warm weather right now. If so, sewing with white and light coloured fabrics pose their own unique quandry. Here are a few facts about sewing with white fabrics.

Every bride wants a lovely wedding and many take place in the warmer weather. Here is a very basic guide to sewing the garter. Dress it up with your own ideas.

Pew markers are one of the little details someone has to look after. Maybe you can take something from this simple project and make it your own.

A couple of weeks ago I threw out the challenge to my readers. Post and tell how sewing has affected your life. One post would be chosen and they would receive a gift basket. The response was very gratifying. So many never even realized that sewing made any sort of difference to their lives. Some were very cognizant of the fact sewing had a big effect on them.

I have chosen one post as the most heartfelt story of how sewing changed, improved and practically took over her life. It is a must read for everyone. The winner is
Kathleen Fasanel. Her post is here.

Kathleen wins a lovely gift basket of goodies from
Kathleen, please email me privately with your mailing address so we can forward your prize on. <email address removed for privacy>
Many thanks to for sponsoring this inspiring challenge.

You can still enter the ongoing challenge of posting what you have sewn in the last six months and what you have learned from it all. Some lucky poster will receive a $50.00 gift pack of eco-friendly fabrics from
Wazoodle has bamboo, organic cottons, bamboo jersey and bamboo/cotton fleece.

You can enter your post in the General Sewing forum only. I will be announcing the winner next week.

I have taken the step of merging my newsletters into one. The Sewing Tips and Canadians Sewing newsletter will not be sent out separately. As of next week, I will be including sewing tips and Canadian links in this newsletter along with all the project updates and challenges. From next week forward, you will receive only one email from Sew Whats New. That will be this newsletter.

The Sewing Tip and Canadians Sewing subscriber list will be deleted this weekend. Everyone will be able to read all of our news from this site. I hope this is acceptable to everyone.

One lady graciously made a donation to the site and I forgot to thank her. She knows who she is and I want to make sure she knows I truly appreciate it. Thank you very much.

I saw Suze Ormond on television this past week talking about her book Women & Money. From what she said I think anyone in the business of sewing would be able to
gain a lot of insight thru this book. Many of us just don't understand the idea of our own value and how we have to not settle for less. Sewing is just as necessary as gas in our car and food on our table but too many of us can't seem to make the dollars appear.

Until next week, congratulations Kathleen and everyone have a great weekend. Next week someone wins that lovely fabric gift pack. It might be you!
owner/editor of Sew Whats New
User: MaryW
Member since: 06-23-2005
Total posts: 2542
From: heather2002
Date: 06-01-2007, 03:15 PM (2 of 8)
What a deserving winner and such a heartfelt story.
I think Kathleen is a classic example of women whose talents so often go untapped and I'm so glad she found her niche.
I am still a novice at sewing and have so many other crafts interests that I never find the time to experiment enough.
Just bought a babylock embellisher and am so excited about it. I can see the potential in combining free style embroidery with the embellisher.
Anyways lol I'm rambling. Just wanted to say well done Kathleen.

Happy sewing

User: heather2002
Member since: 02-28-2005
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From: MaryW
Date: 06-01-2007, 06:26 PM (3 of 8)
I admire Kathleen, plain and simple.
owner/editor of Sew Whats New
User: MaryW
Member since: 06-23-2005
Total posts: 2542
From: beachgirl
Date: 06-01-2007, 10:50 PM (4 of 8)
I'm thrilled for you Kathleen. I love a happy ending & this one certaintly is. Thanks for picking the best Mary.
User: beachgirl
Member since: 08-31-2004
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From: Karebear
Date: 06-02-2007, 07:05 AM (5 of 8)
Kathleen... I have reread your story several times. You are dynamic and I can feel thru your words... "all is from the heart"

I have recently read Susan Jeffers' book "feel the fear and do it anyway" and I can envision your success within those pages!!!

Great stuff...

"If you want to build a ship, don't herd people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea." --Antoine de Saint-Exupery
User: Karebear
Member since: 01-24-2002
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From: MotherInLaw
Date: 06-02-2007, 10:46 PM (6 of 8)
That is a sensational story. I'm so glad she shared it with us. so many people I know have no self esteem and feel this way due to people with money making them feel this way. I say that if you have to condemn people who are not as fortunate as you then you are the one who has the problem. Good for you Kathleen for your persistence and hard work. I'm sure your position now is well deserved. :up:
I'm regressing back into my youth, I just have to figure out how I'm going to convience my body to come along with me.
User: MotherInLaw
Member since: 06-25-2005
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From: plrlegal
Date: 06-03-2007, 02:39 AM (7 of 8)
Kathleen congratulations! I too have read your story several times and admire you to the max. You are a living testament to what it means to have the freedom to ignore what I call "all the crap" and become all that you can and want to be. Again, congrats and enjoy all the prize goodies.

User: plrlegal
Member since: 05-19-2001
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From: LeapFrog Libby
Date: 06-06-2007, 05:22 PM (8 of 8)
Mary, I love the article on sewing summer white, but I have one comment to add.. When ready to wear the garment , you may need to wear underwear that matches your skin tone.. Same reason as all those others about pockets, facings, etc... I will never forget the wedding pictures I saw of the huge wedding with 8 groomsmen , the groom and the best man in the white tuxedoes and their white underwear was clearly visible thru the trousers.. It showed up more in the photos than it had at the wedding.. That Groom always tells engaged couples not to choose white tuxedoes , then he brings out the photos..
Sew With Love
User: LeapFrog Libby
Member since: 05-01-2002
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