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From: mozeyrn
Date: 06-24-2007, 01:17 AM (1 of 4)
I think I figured the concept from all the different hints on the web how to put the skirt together; I just need to get the pattern now.
My biggest hurdle is choosing fabrics for all the different pieces. I can find a great print but then have a hard time finding any others that coordinate. I found a yellow & green print today but the only thing that came close in the same colors was stripes. Using stripes doesn't seem like a wise move because of the curve of the pattern pieces.
Any advice how to find/what to decide for fabric choices? I thought you could mix and match different prints as long as the same colors were in both pieces.
This is where my creativity comes to a screeching halt. Too many choices and I'm overwhelmed!
- Maureen.
Learning something new with every stitch!!
Kenmore 16231000
User: mozeyrn
Member since: 11-29-2005
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From: material_pakrat
Date: 06-24-2007, 07:36 PM (2 of 4)
You need to get into the Redondo frame of mind. Throw out any notions of what goes and what doesn't. The stripes would probably work wonderfully.

The last ones I made was 5 different black and white materials - one for each panel. I had to double up on one of the prints because I needed a 6 panel skirt for a wider shorter girl. Then because they were for sisters, I decided to make one little detail different. One had hot pink and white polka dot ruffles, and the other had hot pink and white stripe ruffle. They both look adorable.

I have also used a butterfly pink/green print for the main skirt, and then a rainbow stripe for the ruffle.

I must admit I had to bite my tongue a couple of times when I first started making this type of skirt. Every single thing I had learnt as a quilter was telling me that I was making the wrong colour/pattern choices, but it always ended up looking soooo cute. So try it, you may be surprised.
Cheers, Soph.

I'm happiest when I am sewing!
User: material_pakrat
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From: SewManyProjects
Date: 07-01-2007, 05:52 PM (3 of 4)
I spent hours picking out fabric combinations, but found it to be very similar to picking out quilting fabrics (guess I haven't learned much about quilting ;) ).

I just finished red, white & blue redondos for my girl's for Independance Day. They rock. I'll post pictures later, but I used: a red with white polka dots (large dots for 5 year old and small dots for 2.5 year old), cream background with red, white & blue/black butterflies, med. blue background vintage style print with children/butterflies et al, brighter med. blue with white polka dotted red whales, & red bandana fabric. I put them together so that the blues were not next to one another and neither were the reds. I love them.

I'm seriously considering making the largest size for myself with red bandand print fabric (Wal-mart has the best red bandana print imo) and adding a 6th panel if I needed the room. I just love the skirts that much. :lol

Self taught sewist, wishing I could take classes, planning my 5 year old dd's spring/summer wardrobe.
User: SewManyProjects
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From: SewManyProjects
Date: 07-01-2007, 06:02 PM (4 of 4)
I'm sorry I didn't reall address your original comments.

Be daring, b/c even if you think it might not work, somehow it does. Choosing a colour scheme helps narrow it down some. I love the idea of the black & white, great for gaining confidence in choosing fabrics. :) I think the redondo allows you to break the rules and put stuff together you might not otherwise, especially since its for little girls. My little fashionista puts together the wildest combinations and somehow she looks fabulous. She reminds me of a runway model somedays. the other day she was wearing her red, white & navy blue striped 2 piece swimsuit (racer tank style, not bikini), I told her to grab a skirt and we'd head for the pool. She grabbed her ice blue, satin, pleated skirt. You know what, it looked so cool! Add a jean jacket and a pair of cowboy boots and down the runway she goes!

Self taught sewist, wishing I could take classes, planning my 5 year old dd's spring/summer wardrobe.
User: SewManyProjects
Member since: 01-18-2007
Total posts: 33
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