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From: darlah
Date: 07-01-2007, 04:51 PM (1 of 1)
I have a bunch of questions that perhaps I can get an answer to. I bought way back when Embird, Buzz Tools and Buzz Edit, Digitizer 10000 and used my machine quite extensively for a home user that made things for various people but then litters of pups came and the machine gathered dust and I upgraded a computer and backed up my embroidery stuff to DVD. What a mistake that was. Well, I can't find most of my stuff, realized that most is now sorely out of date and am way frustrated but here is where I am at.

1. The machine works and is even aligned properly as I recently tested it. Had this idea of doing doggie bandannas fir a litter party on the 14th but that is not coming together as I am out of time and trying to get things reinstalled, updated etc.

2. Couldn't find the dongle for the Customizer 10000 and when I wrote Janome after paying top $$ for it way back when seeing for a cost if I could buy another if I could prove I had bought and have everything but the dongle - which I do on this one and they were rude and - well even the hubby thought they were rude. I have since found the dongle - thought of enlightening them that I had but decided why bother when they treat their customers like that.

3. I also had to reinstall and hook up the reader/writer 19000 from Sears to see if that worked. It did but I noticed the Elite is out at but not available here in Canada. Do I need to upgrade and if so - should I get something other than the Kenmore version of one?

4. Buzz Tool folks have been way nice - like absolutely amazing. I need to upgrade that software but can't find the original disks - only have the backup and have Buzz Tools Version 3 Plus and Buzz Edit version 1. So - I need to really upgrade there. Is the resizer worth it?

5. I also have Pre-Design version 1 - do I need to upgrade that - is it covered by something else I have now? Also have Zoner for line art.

6. Embird - well can't find the disks here but know I was registered - bought most of their alphabets too so have to contact them. What do I want to upgrade to? Has the Sfumato program become any easier to use? I had their first version and gave up.

7. Anything else that is new & great that came on the market that I should look into? Please advise. Thnx - in advance!
User: darlah
Member since: 07-01-2007
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