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From: samold
Date: 07-19-2007, 10:33 AM (1 of 7)
Hi there iam new and was wondering if you could help me out
i have an overlocker its elna everytime i stitch it the right needle thread always breaks is this because of the needle or the tension, i know there are a lot of smart people on this board because i have read some posts, also when i got the overlocker no manuals came with it it was of a freind he showed me how it worked and it worked fine, also can somebody please tell me hot to perform a thread chain i also think i mite be doing his wrong i get confused were to put the threads under the presser foot, anyway hope you can help me out heres a pic of my overlocker can anybody tell me if its a good overlocker.

overlocker 4 thread elna pro 4

Cheers sam

these are pics my freind took the day before he sold it to me
User: samold
Member since: 07-18-2007
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From: Magot
Date: 07-19-2007, 11:28 AM (2 of 7)
If you join the Elna sergers group on Yahoo you amy get some answers.

You will find they have a wealth of information on threading and where to get manuals from. Sounds to me like a threading problem and once you get that sorted you will be away!
love and kisses, Jan
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User: Magot
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From: dmoses
Date: 07-19-2007, 11:39 AM (3 of 7)
Hi Sam,

I can think of a few possibilities that may be the cause of your problem.

The machine is threaded incorrectly, or in the wrong sequence.

The needle is not pushed all the way up in the needle holder.

The thread you're using is old and weak.

The thread is getting caught on something along the way, and is getting pulled and broken.

To create a chain(as in chaining on or chaining off), you simply run the machine at the beginning and end of a seam, without fabric. Normally, you would 'chain on' for three or four inches, then serge the fabric, then 'chain off' for three or four inches.

Once you have threaded the machine, pass all threads to the back behind the presser foot, hold them together to the back, gently pulling to start the chain. This will keep the threads from tangling at the start. If everything is set up correctly, you should get a nice chaining of the threads. If all is well, then slip your fabric under the front tip of the foot, and serge away.

Using a serger is great once you figure out how to use it. It takes practice. :bluesmile

A manual would be a big help, if you could get your hands on one.

Hope this helps.
Take care,
User: dmoses
Member since: 02-22-2002
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From: AngelaH
Date: 07-20-2007, 12:01 PM (4 of 7)
It might also be that you are using the wrong needle plate. Did yours come with another plate?

I have an Elna that I had not used for several years. When I started using it, the right needle thread kept breaking. I finally realized I was using the needle plate for rolled hems and so it was not forming a chain.

How about taking it into a dealer that sells and services Elnas. You could ask them to check it out. It may need a tune up. Also, they will show you haw to thread it. It will be worth paying to have someone show you and saving yourself a lot of aggravation.

There is nothing more frustrating and time-wasting than trying to figure out why threads are breaking on a serger!
User: AngelaH
Member since: 07-10-2007
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From: MissTaraTara
Date: 07-20-2007, 02:21 PM (5 of 7)
Did this overlock belong to your friend? If so, is your friend too far away to come to your house and show you again while you are waiting for a manual? If it was his he will know all of its quirks.
User: MissTaraTara
Member since: 01-24-2006
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From: Skye
Date: 07-21-2007, 12:13 AM (6 of 7)
you got an oldie but usually reliable serger
Are you using the correct needles Schmetz ELx705 needles and are they inserted correctly
Most likely it is a threading problem and the Yahoo group Magot suggested are very helpful friendly lot (include myself here of course :up: )
The sequence of threading is important
Upper looper, lower looper the the needles Right then left.
Check the your thread is all spooling off in the same direction for some reason with some types of thread this helps - dont ask me why dont know. Also check that the thread isn't catching up somewhere
Once you have it threaded does it form a chain before the thread breaks? Have you reduced the tension on the R needle thread?
For my older machine but slightly newer than your model I drape the lower looper thread To the R and behind the foot the upper looper over the front of the foot and the needle threads out to the left then I turn the wheel by hand to forn the first few stitches while appling tension to the threads the if that is ok apply the old foot to the pedal so to speak
Let us know how you get on - good luck
User: Skye
Member since: 09-28-2000
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From: paroper
Date: 07-22-2007, 05:37 PM (7 of 7)
I have yet to have a dealer look at a machine and not ask the question "What thread are you using?" The magic answer always seems to be Maxi Lock. I don't think that you are using that thread. There are a lot of serger threads out there but very few are all that great.

Be sure that you are threading the machine in the EXACT order that it recommends. The diagram on the door is the only way that it should be threaded.

All that being said, if the needle is the correct needle and it is inserted the correct direction, I would see if the thread is catching some place. To check this, I would start by completely removing the thread and starting over. My machines have ragged inserts that help fill the bobbin and hold it on the spindles. If I get the thread somehow caught in those or somewhere else in the back of the machine, it will break the thread, break the needle, whatever, every time.

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User: paroper
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