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From: MartySews2
Date: 07-21-2007, 07:37 PM (1 of 9)
Finally, I made it to Hancock Fabrics only to find out that there were not any patterns on sale. :mad: So I bought the next best thing "See & Sew" with the designs I wanted. The first is B4958 (view B) which I plan to make up in a lovely georgette fabric that has a white background and black plus tan spots that look like a leopard print. The next pattern is a nice summer dress B4704 with cap sleeves (view B) to be made out of a soft pink dynasty linen with an oriental print. The third is B5016 for which I bought a bright orange-hot pink challis for a skirt. All in all with zippers, thread, and other notions came to less than $50 with my American Sewing Guild discount. I was so pleased as I have not been able to go fabric shopping over the past 6 months. What is everyone else sewing for summer or has anyone found any great bargains? Inquiring minds want to know.
Marty :re:
User: MartySews2
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From: paroper
Date: 07-21-2007, 07:43 PM (2 of 9)
I spent my back to school fortune at Hancocks last month. It is pretty quiet there this month.

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User: paroper
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From: LegalDealer
Date: 07-21-2007, 10:21 PM (3 of 9)
Inquiring mind tells: I am finishing up on my first button down shirt. I don't particularly like the facing of it, or the hem, may alter those for my next try. I am going to try my hand at making an exercise top/bra using elastic for my first time. This will get me warmed up to make a real bra! (I hope) I have so many projects I want to do...but when I do one like the shirt I get discouraged and want to give up! I try to remind myself I need Practice!
I bought some real cheap fabric at wallyworld to use as muslin for my pattern alterations.
User: LegalDealer
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From: Kaitlinnegan
Date: 07-21-2007, 11:05 PM (4 of 9)
I just got back from a week's vacation at my husband's family's cabin "up north," so I haven't been doing any sewing lately, but before we left I had started the dress for our anniversary (it was July 8, but we are going to celebrate again later because it was too hot for a picnic at the park where we were married!). I'm not even done cutting out the lining, but it should be pretty quick to sew together once I get down to business.

LegalDealer -- are you using a pattern for the exercise top? I've been interested in making a few since my exercise wardrobe is not too exciting, and nice exercise tops seem to cost a fortune. What fabric are you using? I hope you'll post some pictures of your finished projects! - the new home for Sew What's New
User: Kaitlinnegan
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From: bridesmom
Date: 07-22-2007, 01:06 AM (5 of 9)
I just came back from a bout of fabric withdrawal! I went over to Fabricland to pick up some thread and $50 later, came out with a great selection of knits and some stretch sateen for pants all on for $1.99/m - $3.99/m for the sateen. Plus I got 3 pieces of cotton for summer dresses. Now if I could just get at my sewing. (I have 4 days off coming up soon, and it will be another marathon sewing session)

Is anyone else like me, when I want to pick up 2 meters and there is only 1 m or less left on the bolt, I get it too, not sure what I'm going to do with it, mostly I use it for the grandkids.
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User: bridesmom
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From: MissTaraTara
Date: 07-22-2007, 02:59 PM (6 of 9)
Is anyone else like me, when I want to pick up 2 meters and there is only 1 m or less left on the bolt, I get it too, not sure what I'm going to do with it, mostly I use it for the grandkids.

Bridesmom: I know that here at JoAnn, when there is only a yard or less on the bolt, they will offer it to you at an additional 50% off even if it is already on sale. I will usually say yes knowing that I will now have a larger scrap when my project is over.

MartySews2 Funny, I went to Hancock on Friday because I wrote on my calendar that Butterick patterns were on sale. I even asked for a current flyer thinking maybe they forgot to put the sign up. When I returned home I discovered that Butterick was on sale a JoAnn.

I am about to start making back-to-school clothes for my daughter. Fortunately, I have a very large stash with which to work. School starts August 20th so I am sort of scramblin' for least this time I'm not waiting until the week before to start like I did last year. I ended up having to go out and buy jeans; I was able to find some on clearance for $5.00 per pair (you can't beat that with a stick) so I bought all the ones in her size.
User: MissTaraTara
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From: MartySews2
Date: 07-22-2007, 03:12 PM (7 of 9)
That is funny about Jo-Ann Fabrics having the Butterick patterns on sale as there is not one within 200 miles of where I live. Every year I get a $25 gift card from some family members to Jo-Ann Fabrics and don't know what to do with it. Several times it has lapsed as there is not anything on the website that I want. They are not friendly when one calls on the phone. Poor customer service in my opinion.
User: MartySews2
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From: esrun3
Date: 07-24-2007, 07:19 PM (8 of 9)
It's too hot here, can't get in the mood to finish setting up my sewing room so have done very little. Did make a few bibs for my dgd and a tissue holder for quick gift but other than that....haven't touched a machine..hope it cools soon and I get out of this slump
User: esrun3
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From: MissTaraTara
Date: 07-24-2007, 08:56 PM (9 of 9)
I must agree with you esrun3. I live in CA and although the last few days have been mild (according to history) it has been so hot. The coolest time is between 2am and 10:30am then the temp starts to rise rather quickly. I need to get crackin' but I don't tolerate heat very keeps me so tired :yawn:

MartySews I have ordered from a few times in the past but I don't really like the way their site is set up and it seems as if whenever I have a good coupon, the item I want is already on sale.:re: I mostly order the interfacings, adhesives and such that they don't carry in the store. I purchase by the bolt using coupons. I did not know JoAnn offered telephone options.
User: MissTaraTara
Member since: 01-24-2006
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