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This archived content is from Mary Wilkins’ sewing and quilting message board “Sew What’s New,” which was retired in August 2007. It is being provided by “Sew What’s Up,” which serves as the new home for many members of “Sew What’s New.”
From: MaryW
Date: 08-17-2007, 07:03 PM (1 of 19)
before, thank you everyone. I especially appreciate all my loyal members who have seen me thru thick and thin. Love you guys, it's been a blast.

I will see everybody next week on another site. :up:
owner/editor of Sew Whats New
User: MaryW
Member since: 06-23-2005
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From: Bama
Date: 08-17-2007, 08:22 PM (2 of 19)
See you around Mary. :up: Thanks for all the years you ran this site for all of us. It's been my favorite.
User: Bama
Member since: 03-21-2000
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From: vickki
Date: 08-17-2007, 08:25 PM (3 of 19)
Thanks and see you there Mary.....
User: vickki
Member since: 08-21-2005
Total posts: 374
From: Brenisback
Date: 08-17-2007, 09:06 PM (4 of 19)
By Mary ...I know we will see you on another site just won't be this one ... you realy did a great job...see you later. Tell Dave not to be a stranger...I enjoyed it when you would fool back and forth.:up:

People come into your life ...for a Reason a Season or a Lifetime.
User: Brenisback
Member since: 09-20-2004
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From: Bama
Date: 08-17-2007, 09:09 PM (5 of 19)
Yes, please tell Dave not to forget to post pictures of some of his wood work on the crafts board at SWU.
User: Bama
Member since: 03-21-2000
Total posts: 2116
From: temom
Date: 08-17-2007, 09:42 PM (6 of 19)
Of course you know if we don't see you at SWU, we have your email, so we can bug you enough that you will have to stop by just to get some peace!:dave:

Thanks again for everything.
User: temom
Member since: 01-19-2007
Total posts: 410
From: lendube
Date: 08-17-2007, 10:47 PM (7 of 19)
Thanks Mary, you've brought a lot of wonderful people and lots of very useful information into my life.

You did good! :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:

Gratefully, Lennie
User: lendube
Member since: 08-06-2006
Total posts: 1548
From: PaulineG
Date: 08-17-2007, 11:31 PM (8 of 19)
Look forward to seeing you over at SWU - maybe you could play up a bit and see what it's like from the other side of the fence. :bg:
User: PaulineG
Member since: 09-08-2006
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From: sewingrandma
Date: 08-18-2007, 01:03 AM (9 of 19)
Thanks Mary, it has been fun. I've learned a lot. See you later.
User: sewingrandma
Member since: 03-06-2003
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From: Reta J
Date: 08-18-2007, 08:51 AM (10 of 19)
Good night mary, Good night john boy.
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Reta J
User: Reta J
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From: HeyJudee
Date: 08-18-2007, 10:04 AM (11 of 19)
It was my pleasure to have had a place to meet and make friends and learn stuff. Thanks again Mary...and see you over on SWU. (PS...I still want to type SWN :bluesmile )
TTFN from
User: HeyJudee
Member since: 01-25-2005
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From: Magot
Date: 08-18-2007, 10:23 AM (12 of 19)
Good night RetaJ. G'night Mom
love and kisses, Jan
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User: Magot
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From: Patty22
Date: 08-18-2007, 01:58 PM (13 of 19)
Thank you for everything Mary. I have met some great cyber sewing friends because of all your hard work. I see you have signed on over on the new board and I look forward to your posts.
User: Patty22
Member since: 03-29-2006
Total posts: 1194
From: Jeke
Date: 08-18-2007, 02:51 PM (14 of 19)
Thanks, Mary, for all you have done for us. May life treat you kindly.

User: Jeke
Member since: 11-10-2004
Total posts: 232
From: bridesmom
Date: 08-18-2007, 03:03 PM (15 of 19)
Thanks for everything Mary! See you soon!!!
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User: bridesmom
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From: pretnichols
Date: 08-18-2007, 03:48 PM (16 of 19)
Goodnight all! Thanks for a very wondrful site Mary! We (obviously) appreciate all your hard work & dedication, as well as time. I'll keep my eye open for the newsletters you will be sending out!

See you soon!:love:

So little time, sew much to do...........
User: pretnichols
Member since: 10-16-2005
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From: Debby215
Date: 08-18-2007, 06:31 PM (17 of 19)
Thanks so much Mary for all the hard work and dedication you have put in for all these years, especially the times we got hacked. Yikes what a disaster those times were, but you persevered and got everything fixed. Have a wonderful break and see you on SWU!
So much fabric....... So little time!!
User: Debby215
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From: vickki
Date: 08-18-2007, 09:26 PM (18 of 19)
Good Night everyone!!!!!:Canada:
User: vickki
Member since: 08-21-2005
Total posts: 374
From: MotherInLaw
Date: 08-18-2007, 11:23 PM (19 of 19)
Thanks Mary for all you did for us. You bought a lot of wonderful people into my life. I know it's bitter sweet for you right now. The load is off but on the other hand your not in the drivers seat. Things must change as we go through life that we can't change I should know better than most but it's always sweet to look back at what it was like. Hope your looking back feels as good as it was for us. :up:
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