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From: TammyE.H.
Date: 10-18-2005, 10:07 AM (1 of 10)
Hello everyone,

I have a problem. My sewing room is directly above my landlady's kid's room... On hardwood floors my serger makes so much noise that she can't get her daughter to sleep. (She's 2) :mad:

Do any of you have any good solutions for reducing the noice generated by the serger? It's on a sturdy sewing table...

We'll be putting carpeting in this room eventually (Unfortunately. Hardwood is so much easier to clean for a sewing room) But in the short term I need to be able to use my serger... :sad:

Any ideas?

User: TammyE.H.
Member since: 08-28-2004
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From: Pudge99
Date: 10-18-2005, 10:52 AM (2 of 10)
Personally I would ask when her nap and bedtimes are and not serge during that time.
You could also try putting some type of foam, like a mouse pad under the serger and/or the legs of the table.
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From: Chrysantha
Date: 10-18-2005, 11:06 PM (3 of 10)
I'd go to Home Depot/Lowes and get some sound proof ceiling tiles. I'd put some sound proof rubber padding underneath. That way theres NO noise and the tile won't mar the floor...
User: Chrysantha
Member since: 09-06-2002
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From: wghmch
Date: 10-19-2005, 12:01 AM (4 of 10)
Go to a carpet store and get a square of heavy foam backed carpet on which to place the machine. You'll be amazed at the difference.

Bill Holman
User: wghmch
Member since: 03-04-2003
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From: Catalina
Date: 10-19-2005, 04:45 AM (5 of 10)
Wow you must have a loud seger. I would 2nd the suggestion of putting carpet under your serger table. That would be hard because sometimes I like to sew at night. Could you just serge at your kitchen table at times her daughter is napping and sleeping. The strange problems we run into sewing sometimes hey!!
User: Catalina
Member since: 01-06-2005
Total posts: 119
From: TammyE.H.
Date: 10-19-2005, 09:05 AM (6 of 10)
Wow! What great suggestions!

I'm going to go to Home Depot this weekend and see what I can scare up.

The building was built rather shoddily. She IS eventually going to have the ceiling insulated and the walls too, but that's not for right now.

Lucky for me, the little one goes to daycare so I don't have to worry about nap time, but she does put her down at 8pm, so no more late night sewing for me... (I too used to love to sew late at night...)

But the tiles and the carpeting might very well solve the problem... Thanks for the ideas!!!

(I knew I was asking the right people!!!)

You guys are GREAT! :up:

User: TammyE.H.
Member since: 08-28-2004
Total posts: 51
From: Kylnne2
Date: 10-23-2005, 04:30 AM (7 of 10)
I live in an apt. and my serger needs to be quiet also because I sew mostly at night. The carpet underneath is a good idea but some of the scrap catchers have a cushioning under the palate that the serger sits on that cuts down on noise. I prefer to use this instead of the cup that attaches to the front of the serger. My serger is fairly quiet thank goodness because a tenant sleeps on the other side of the wall where I sew. I could not use some of the sergers I have tested no matter how much they appeal to me becuase of their noise. There is a difference in noise in serger models and price has nothing to do with it I found out. It is important to test drive.
User: Kylnne2
Member since: 07-10-2004
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From: gm23237
Date: 12-28-2005, 07:54 PM (8 of 10)
I have my serger on an old desk I was no longer using (it was buried under junk in the garage). I used felt to pad the serger and screwed it to the desk, that way it does not viberate and I have less noise. the felt serves as a great noise filter.
User: gm23237
Member since: 11-03-2003
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From: Tom Land
Date: 12-28-2005, 07:59 PM (9 of 10)
Bill is right. The carpet square works like a charm.
Have fun or don't do it, Tom
User: Tom Land
Member since: 09-21-2005
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From: paroper
Date: 01-06-2006, 07:14 PM (10 of 10)
You might also try a heavy towel or a cut foam pad directly under the serger itself. Make sure that your serger does not vent in the bottom (mine vents in the back.)

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