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From: jenny-o
Date: 03-10-2006, 09:48 PM (1 of 8)

Six married men will be dropped on an island with one car and 3 kids
each for six weeks. Each kid will play two sports and either take
music or dance classes.

There is no fast food.

Each man must take care of his 3 kids; keep his assigned house
clean, correct all homework, complete science projects, cook, do
laundry, and pay a list of "pretend" bills with not enough money.

In addition...each man will have to budget in money for groceries
each week.

Each man must also take each child to a doctor's appointment, a
dentist appointment, and an appointment for a

He must also make cookie s or cupcakes for a social function.

Each man will be responsible for decorating his own assigned house,
planting flowers outside and keep it presentable at all times.

The men will only have access to television when the kids are asleep
and all chores are done. There is only one TV
between them, and NO remote.

Each father will be required to know all of the words to every song
that comes on TV and the name of each and every
character on cartoons.

The men must shave their legs, wear makeup daily, which they will
apply to themselves either while driving or making three lunches.

They must adorn themselves with jewelry, wear uncomfortable yet
stylish shoes, keep their nails polished and eyebrows groomed.

During one of the six weeks, they will have to endure severe stomach
cramps, back aches, and have extreme,
unexplained mood swings but never once complain or slow down from
other duties.

They must attend weekly PTA meetings, church, and find time at least
once to spend the afternoon at the park or a
similar setting.

He will need to pray with the children each night, bathe them, dress
them, brush their teeth and comb their hair each morning by 7:00.

A test will be given at the end of the six weeks, and each father
will be required to know all of the following information:
* Each child's birthday, height, weight, shoe size, clothes size and
doctor's name. Also the child's weight at birth, length, time of
birth, and length of labor
* Each child's favorite color, middle name, favorite snack, favorite
song, favorite drink, favorite toy, biggest fear and what they want
to be when they grow up.

They must clean up after their sick children at 2:00 a.m.and then
spend the remainder of the day tending to that child and waiting on
them hand and foot until they are better.

Each man will have to make an Indian hut model with six toothpicks,
a tortilla and one marker; and get a 4 year old to
eat a serving of peas.

The kids vote them off the island based on performance.

The last man wins only if...he still has enough energy to be
intimate with his spouse at a moment's notice.

If the last man does win, he can play the game over and over and
over again for the next 18-25 years...eventually
earning the right to be called _Mother!_
User: jenny-o
Member since: 08-28-2005
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From: bridesmom
Date: 03-11-2006, 01:37 AM (2 of 8)
That was great Jen!
Tickled pink with my Innovis 4000D
User: bridesmom
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From: DorothyL
Date: 03-11-2006, 08:43 AM (3 of 8)
I'd like to volunteer a few guys I know. Not mine though, he'd be a ringer. He was actually better at much of that stuff than me.
User: DorothyL
Member since: 12-09-2002
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From: Magot
Date: 03-11-2006, 09:04 AM (4 of 8)
what a hoot! mine would know about the kids and get them to appointments on time but The Ironing is something he has managed x3 - and I had to be hospitalized then....mind you - he irons his own shirts now on occasion! (like when I have screwed then up in a ball)
love and kisses, Jan
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User: Magot
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From: DorothyL
Date: 03-11-2006, 09:23 AM (5 of 8)
Mine can iron but when he does he picks through my sewing tools and comes up with too many ideas -- like using the rotary cutter on the pizza. My seam gage has gone missing and I suspect foul play there too!!!
User: DorothyL
Member since: 12-09-2002
Total posts: 3883
From: Mom of Six
Date: 03-11-2006, 01:34 PM (6 of 8)
I'd be afraid to send my husband. Other than the monthly cramp thing & laundry he would be too good at it. I would be afraid I would have to take over for him while he was gone. I could never handle working 8-14(or more hours a day, sitting on a bulldozer or loader & making sure you don't hit any houses,while getting the dirt to within a few inches of it.
Nope I will keep my job & he can have his. He does know how hard my job is & has had to handle it a few times & is always ready to go back to work.
Happiness is having time to sew!!
User: Mom of Six
Member since: 11-03-2001
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From: Sancin
Date: 03-11-2006, 08:08 PM (7 of 8)
Before I was divorced, when my children were in their early teens, my husband and I separated several times. When the children were about 8 or 9 he had them on hid own for 6 weeks. At the time of the divorce he admitted that he reconcilled that time because he couldn't manage it all on his own. Yet I had managed the household and children while I worked full time as a college instructor who maintained clinical practice. The children said he was flustered all the time and refused to use a recipe when cooking. When the children and I were on our own we managed much better. :bluewink: Later when they would come back from a visit they would announce that they had had a "daddy's special" for dinner and did I have any leftovers from my dinner.
The man did have good points, a dreamer being the best, but just couldn't cope on his own, as several girlfriends have noted!
*~*~*~* Nancy*~*~*~* " I try to take one day at a time - but sometimes several days attack me at once."
User: Sancin
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From: Chrysantha
Date: 03-11-2006, 10:21 PM (8 of 8)
I'd send my husband...he'd be good at it...what are kids ??? :bolt:
:bg: :bg: :bg: :bg: :bg: :bg:

Oh now I get it...he'd have to take care of the ferrets...hahahahaha...he'd lose for sure then.... :re:
User: Chrysantha
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