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From: chantelle_sa
Date: 03-07-2007, 06:15 PM (1 of 7)
Hi there,

I am new to this group, and am so glad to have found it. I am new to sewing, having purchased a serger approx 20 yrs ago, and never really used it. I found changing the tensions such a pain, no sooner had i set it all up to use on knitted garments, and then i had to go through the whole process again when i tried stitching on cotton or something similar. So, now that i am serious about learning how to sew, I want a serger too, that does coverstitch, and i want something that has automatic tensions. I have been considering the Elna 744 for those reasons. i believe it is also very quick to convert from serger to coverstitch machine, since the coverplate does not have to be removed.

My other choices in terms of coverstitch only machines were the janome 1000 and the janome 900. whilst i could probably afford the janome 900, i doubt i can reach as far as the price wanted for the 1000. any advise on these two machines. i also know that singer makes a machine that has automatic tension, the quantomlock, however, i have never been a singer fan and i have no idea how easy it is to convert that machine from serger to coverlock.

I am also from South Africa, so hi there Tracey. I am in las Vegas, where are you located? beth
User: chantelle_sa
Member since: 03-07-2007
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From: beachgirl
Date: 03-07-2007, 10:36 PM (2 of 7)
I have the Janome 9000 & the 10000 updated to the 01. Both have an over edge & overcasting stitch & they are real nice but not exactly like a serger. I also have the compulock serger by Janome. That has an overlock 3,4 or 5. Plus a cover stitch, That has a screen that tells you what to do. I call it the stupid proof serger. LOL. I love that as sergers still confuse me at times. I don't have a lot of time to sew ,so I want to do the sewing & not fiddle around with lots of adjustments & take forever to get something done.
User: beachgirl
Member since: 08-31-2004
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From: weezyrider
Date: 03-08-2007, 09:19 AM (3 of 7)
Babylock has a coverstitch only also. KyInne2 loves her Elna. I just prefer a separate machine. The Babylock does really well with decorative threads.

User: weezyrider
Member since: 08-19-2003
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From: Tom Land
Date: 03-08-2007, 09:45 AM (4 of 7)
The 744 was an excellent machine. It is my understanding that Elna has changed manufacturers for their sergers though. If so I doubt they will be as good as they have been. The same serger is made for Pfaff. The only change being that Elna had a flip-up needle chuck to make it easier to change needles. This made for a weak point on the needlebar so Pfaff didn't included it. Unless the 744 is still made by Hosea (sp?) I would look at the Pfaff or Vikings. Janome sergers, while "good" do not compare to what you have been looking at quality wise.
Have fun or don't do it, Tom
User: Tom Land
Member since: 09-21-2005
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From: Kylnne2
Date: 03-16-2007, 05:03 PM (5 of 7)
Tom, I had been told that the Elna and Pfaff Coverlocks were made in the same factory in Japan, so when the Pfaff truck was touring and came to my town a few months ago, I asked a gentleman in the truck what factory were the Pfaff sergers made in and he told me "Kansai"?? Doesn't Kansai make industrial sergers?
User: Kylnne2
Member since: 07-10-2004
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From: LeapFrog Libby
Date: 03-23-2007, 05:57 PM (6 of 7)
The Janome coverpro 900 and coverpro 1000 are coverstitch machines only.. Your machines have an extra 0 in their numbers and do not have CP in their name.. FYI-- the SA lady in Vegas-- I have a CP 900 .. I love it.. I bought it because I have a serger that is at least 15 years old, and not modern at all, but it works every time I turn it on.. Never had to spend a penny on it since day I purchased it.. Just too good to throw away, know what I mean.. That is why I bought the coverpro.. I make so many tees and pj tops for my grands... Tees for 2 sons, 1 brother, and of course for myself...and if I get a soft knit , my Janome just won't handle the hem very well at all..(this is on soft knits, like interlock).. So, for me, the Coverpro was a solution to suit my purse.. I am retired, and on ssmall fixed income or I would love to have one of the new sergers that do all the jobs..
Sew With Love
User: LeapFrog Libby
Member since: 05-01-2002
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From: beachgirl
Date: 03-23-2007, 08:44 PM (7 of 7)
Sorry Libby & anyone that read my post. I realized my goof up later but have been helping my DD move plus fixing meals here for everyone, watching her daughter & etc. I read the post too fast & was simply thinking overcast & overlock for what ever reason. Again I'm sorry about that. I did intend to post to say I was wrong but being so busy & tired I again forgot about it. :bang:
User: beachgirl
Member since: 08-31-2004
Total posts: 615
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