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From: temom
Date: 04-13-2007, 04:00 PM (1 of 3)
OK, so I don't really understand this. If I am using my serger, and my bottom fabric is coming up shorter than the top - assuming that they were the same size when I started, do I need to to adjust the differential on the positive side or the negative. Do I go up or down?
Increase or decrease?

Ackkkkkkkk!!!! I don't know why this is so hard for me to understand.
User: temom
Member since: 01-19-2007
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From: plrlegal
Date: 04-13-2007, 08:15 PM (2 of 3)
I'm gonna speak for my serger only cause I'm not familiar with a lot of the brands of sergers out there but if I'm just doing general seam finish on my Juki serger, my differential feed is set in neutral and I adjust my stitch length & stitch width. If I'm doing a rolled hem and want a ruffly looking hem, I adjust my differential feed to the positive side and the higher the number the more stretch i'm gonna get on my fabric but I only do a rolled hem on a single layer of fabric. I'm trying to envision what would be making your serger stretch your top fabric and not the bottom fabric. Hmmmmm??? Anyone out there got any ideas? If your machine has a foot pressure adjustment, you might try loosening it to see if that makes a difference.

User: plrlegal
Member since: 05-19-2001
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From: Tom Land
Date: 04-14-2007, 10:14 AM (3 of 3)
Your top fabric is probably slipping. This is not something corrected by differential feed. It is what we use the "walking foot" on sewing machines for. Make sure that the bottom surface of your presser foot is not scored. Then increase your presser foot pressure .
Have fun or don't do it, Tom
User: Tom Land
Member since: 09-21-2005
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